Playlist – December 2019

Check out our December playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music ! This month, we made a selection of 30 essential songs by female rappers in 2019 with 34 artists of 15 different countries! (The YouTube playlist differs from the other playlists because all the artists are not on the streaming platforms.) With: Agsy … Continue reading “Playlist – December 2019”

30 essential songs by female rappers in 2019

Here you are, the night falls at 4:30pm, you just feel like spring rolling under your quilt, you’re already in the red and binge-watched everything on Netflix (except for the cheesy flicks that you’re saving for later)? The holiday season is here! To celebrate a year full of new talents and projects, here is Madame … Continue reading “30 essential songs by female rappers in 2019”

150 female rappers in France since Diam’s

“There has been no female rapper since Diam’s.” In France, everyone who loves hip hop has heard that before. We are almost in 2020 and one of the persistant stereotypes about female rappers is simply that they don’t exist. It is true that Diam’s made a huge impact on the French rap scene due to … Continue reading “150 female rappers in France since Diam’s”

Playlist – November 2019

Check out our November playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music! With: Ana Tjoux (Chile) Ayelya (Bobigny, France) Blu Samu (Belgium) Brö (Paris, France) Cali Hendrix, Mika Luciano & Lil Keisha (Chicago, USA) Dai Burger (New York, USA) George Ka (Paris, France / Vietnam) Justina Valentine (New Jersey, USA) Kella (Montreal, Canada / Ivory Coast) KVM (Roubaix, … Continue reading “Playlist – November 2019”

Playlist – October 2019

Check out our October playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music! With: Blimes And Gab (Los Angeles, USA) Brooke Candy (California, USA) Coeur (Paris, France) CupcakKe (Chicago, USA) Davinhor Pacman (Creil, France) Janus (Paris, France) Kash Doll & Lightskinkeisha (Detroit / Atlanta, USA) Kenny Curly (Montreuil, France) Kitsuné Kendra (Gennevilliers, France) KT Gorique & DJ S-One (Switzerland … Continue reading “Playlist – October 2019”

Madame Rap newsletter

Madame Rap launches its monthly newsletter! To keep informed about our NGO and receive all the info about women and LGBT+ in hip hop, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter (in French for now, but soon to be in English too!) by clicking on the button below. You can already check our September 2019 … Continue reading “Madame Rap newsletter”

Playlist – September 2019

Check out Madame Rap playlist of the month on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music! As all artists cannot be found on the four platforms, the playlists can differ. You can already check out our September playlist! With: Missy Elliott – Throw It Back (Virginia, USA) Rapsody – Ibtihaj (New York, USA) Niña Dioz – Sorpresa … Continue reading “Playlist – September 2019”

📣Call for queer and LGBT+ rappers

You are a queer, lesbian, gay, trans, intersex, non-binary rapper, are not listed on our directory and would like to be? You can fill up this form with the requested information. Madame Rap already lists 120 queer and LGBT+ rappers from all around the world. Let’s keep this list growing to show that rap is … Continue reading “📣Call for queer and LGBT+ rappers”

Playlist – June 2019 🏳️‍🌈PRIDE EDITION

For Pride Month, here is Madame Rap playlist of 50 LGBT+ rappers. It is the occasion to remind that rap is not the most LGBT+phobic music but also, and most of all, an inclusive and intersectional movement. Where else can we see lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and non-binary artists of all nationalities, skin colors, … Continue reading “Playlist – June 2019 🏳️‍🌈PRIDE EDITION”

Playlist – May 2019

Watch our playlist of the month on YouTube with a selection of international female rappers from the US to Senegal, Iran, Mexico and France! Domo Wilson – Bisexual Anthem (Valparaiso, USA) Brianna Perry – Love, Drugs, Etc (Florida, USA) Devmo – Change My Mind (California, USA) Gifted Gab – PSA (Seattle, USA) Neelam – The … Continue reading “Playlist – May 2019”

Playlist – April 2019

Check out our April playlist on YouTube with a special selection of French speaking female rappers who released a track/video this month! KT Gorique – Blasted (Suisse) Raja Meziane – Allo le système (Algérie / République Tchèque) Janus – J’veux classé (France, Paris) YC – Sale (France, Chaumont) Ryaam – Kamala Khan (France, Paris) Mac … Continue reading “Playlist – April 2019”

With “Kamala Khan”, Ryaam pays tribute to her racialized female role models

Ryaam releases the video “Kamala Khan”, directed by ORAMA FILMS, which pays tribute to the first Muslim female superhero created by Marvel in 2013. The Parisian rapper told us why she wanted to talk about this character and launch a series of freestyles dedicated to the racialized women who inspired her. What does Kamala Khan represent … Continue reading “With “Kamala Khan”, Ryaam pays tribute to her racialized female role models”

Rappeuz, the contest to find new talents in hip hop

Madame Rap is one of the official partners of Rappeuz, the new contest launched by the collective Call Me Femcee to find new rap talents everywhere in France!  No need to be an expert in feminism to see that women are under-represented on the hip hop scene (and radios). In order to rectify this long-lasting … Continue reading “Rappeuz, the contest to find new talents in hip hop”

40 female rappers who identify as lesbians

In the collective unconscious, rap and lesbians don’t get on well. Because rap is still perceived as LGBTphobic and sexist, being a woman and a lesbian in hip hop seems unconceivable. And yet, when you look for lesbian artists in hip hop, you can find more than in pop, rock or electro! Since the beginning … Continue reading “40 female rappers who identify as lesbians”

Playlist – March 2019

Watch our monthly playlist on YouTube! For March 8 and National Women’s History Month, female rappers from Reunion, Botswana, Italy, France, Kenya and the US drop feminist anthems and empowering tracks! Le Juiice – No Cap (Boissy-Saint-Léger, France) Lady Lova ft. Kanis – Eyes On Me (France and Jamaica/ Haiti) Tracy De Sà ft. KT … Continue reading “Playlist – March 2019”

French rapper Chilla drops new freestyle “Dans le movie #1”

Before her upcoming single and album expected in 2019, French rapper Chilla drops the freestyle “Dans le Movie #1”. The video is choreographed by Marion Motin, known for her collaborations with Madonna, Stromae and Christine and The Queens, directed by Christopher Hanany, who worked with Givenchy et Yves Saint Laurent and sponsored by Reebok. © Martin … Continue reading “French rapper Chilla drops new freestyle “Dans le movie #1””

100 female rappers from 100 different countries

For three years, Madame Rap has been working to make women and LGBTQIA visible on the international hip hop scene. Today, more than 1,400 female rappers are listed on our website! Here is a little glimpse with this selection of 100 female rappers from 100 different countries. The evidence being, rap is everywhere and is … Continue reading “100 female rappers from 100 different countries”

Best Of 2018

2019 is just around the corner, the time has come to look back on a very intense year for Madame Rap! What Madame Rap did in 2018: – interviews of international female rappers ; – events : concerts, cyphers, panel discussions, conferences and debates ; – interviews and articles in the media. As the first … Continue reading “Best Of 2018”

PREMIERE- Yugen Blakrok drops new video Picture Box

SA female rapper Yugen Blakrok premieres the video “Picture Box” exclusively on Madame Rap! After a first album in 2013 and a powerful featuring with Kendrick Lamar on the soundtrack of Black Panther, Yugen Blakrok is back with a second album called Anima Mysterium, out on February 1st, 2019. As a foretaste, the South African … Continue reading “PREMIERE- Yugen Blakrok drops new video Picture Box”