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Madame Rap launches its Spanish version!

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As Madame Rap celebrated its 8th birthday in August 2023, what better way to commemorate the occasion than to launch a Spanish version of the website!

Why Spanish? The international dimension has been central to Madame Rap since its launch in 2015. A site in Spanish, the second most widely spoken mother tongue on the planet, therefore enables us to reach a larger part of the world’s population.

In addition, Madame Rap has always been keen to raise the profile of Spanish-speaking rappers, who are very numerous and active, particularly in Latin America.

Many of these artists, as well as a number of media outlets in Spain, Chile and the United States, where 20% of the population is of Hispanic origin, have supported the project since its inception. So it seemed only logical to address them directly in their own language.

As a reminder, Madame Rap is the first media dedicated to w*men and LGBTQIA in hip hop. Founded in Paris in August 2015, its aim is to:

  • visibilize f*male and LGBTQIA rappers;
  • demonstrate that rap is not the most sexist and LGBT+phobic music out there;
  • promote gender equality and the links between hip hop and feminism;
  • fight stereotypes, sexism and LGBT+phobia;
  • and pay tribute to this inclusive and plural culture by celebrating “out of the box” hip hop that transcends categories.

To date, the free online media Madame Rap lists 3232 f*male and LGBTQIA rappers around the world, listed on an interactive map and sorted alphabetically and by country. The site, available in English, French and Spanish, also features articles/videos, interviews and the Madame Talk podcast.

Thanks to all those who have been following/supporting/sharing since the early days. Let’s continue to celebrate the inclusivity of hip hop all over the world, and now in three languages!

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