NAME: BLackchyl TRACK: Thankful YEAR: 2021 FROM: Austin, Texas, USA © officialroyaj

Coco Peila

NAME: Coco Peila TRACK: Pretty Girls ft. Taj Mahal YEAR: 2021 FROM: Oakland, USA

Bonnie Godiva

NAME: Bonnie Godiva TRACK: Chicago YEAR: 2021 FROM: Yonkers, NY, USA

Babe Blue

NAME: Babe Blue TRACK: Let The Sky Fall YEAR: 2021 FROM: Bronx, New York, USA

Shiest Dfa

NAME: Shiest Dfa TRACK: Bopped Out ft. EYB YEAR: 2021 FROM: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Chinese Kitty

NAME: Chinese Kitty TRACK: GT Drill YEAR: 2021 FROM: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Lady Sabo

NAME: Lady Sabo TRACK: Outwest YEAR: 2021 FROM: Milwaukee, USA


NAME: Littlejohn4k TRACK: Hey YEAR: 2021 FROM: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Sicily Styles

NAME: Sicily Styles TRACK: 1 by 1 XO YEAR: 2020 FROM: Orlando, USA

Thug Angel

NAME: Thug Angel TRACK: Thug Luv ft.The Outlawz Young Noble & Edidon YEAR: 2021 FROM: La Puente, Calfiornia, USA/Mexico


NAME: Poetiq TRACK: Jusswatch YEAR: 2021 FROM: USA

Big Silky

NAME: Big Silky (Psalm One & Angel Davanport) TRACK: McNothing YEAR: 2021 FROM: Chicago, USA


NAME: Lovely TRACK: Fuck My Enemies ft. Guzzilla YEAR: 2021 FROM: Los Angeles, USA/Mexico/Puerto Rico © Just Drew


NAME: Osay TRACK: Off Brand YEAR: 2021 FROM: Chicago, USA

BK The Rula

NAME: BK The Rula TRACK: Blue YEAR: 2021 FROM: Atlanta, USA

Rocky Badd

NAME: Rocky Badd TRACK: Don’t Even Match YEAR: 2021 FROM: Detroit, USA

Chalmaine TheGod

NAME: Chalmaine TheGod TRACK: IDGAF YEAR: 2021 FROM: Detroit, USA

Carla G

NAME: Carla G TRACK: Out Of Water YEAR: 2021 FROM: Chicago, USA


NAME: Freakquencee TRACK: Smile Again YEAR: 2021 FROM: Newark, New Jersey, USA © Edward L. Grant