K Goddess

NAME: K Goddess TRACK: Keep It 100 YEAR: 2022 FROM: New York, USA

Annise Courtney

NAME: Annise Courtney TRACK: Raw ft. Kween Witta K YEAR: 2022 FROM: Alabama, USA

Katie Tropp

NAME: Katie Tropp TRACK: Hurt Feelings YEAR: 2022 FROM: Austin, USA

Oxymoronic Misanthrope

NAME: Oxymoronic Misanthrope TRACK: To Be YEAR: 2022 FROM: California, USA

Felecia Cruz

NAME: Felecia Cruz TRACK: Got It YEAR: 2022 FROM: Maine, USA

The Girll Codee

NAME: The Girll Codee TRACK: Whoa YEAR: 2021 FROM: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Isis Aset

NAME: Isis Aset TRACK: Black Rose YEAR: 2021 FROM: New Jersey, USA

Stunna Girl

NAME: Stunna Girl TRACK: Ratch ft. 42 Dugg YEAR: 2021 FROM: Sacramento, USA

Tifa Love

NAME: Tifa Love TRACK: Think Bigger Darlin’ YEAR: 2021 FROM: San Francisco, USA

Backwood Sweetie

NAME: Backwood Sweetie TRACK: Black Betty YEAR: 2021 FROM: Hyattsville, Maryland, USA

Madam OG

NAME: Madam OG TRACK: Astral ft. Kween Kurrency YEAR: 2021 FROM: Oklahoma City, USA


NAME: Jupiluxe TRACK: Two Ways YEAR: 2021 FROM: Houston, Texas, USA

Cristina Bendecida

NAME: Cristina Bendecida TRACK: No Fake YEAR: 2021 FROM: Alabama, USA


NAME: Frosty TRACK: Candie YEAR: 2021 FROM: Mexico/SoCal, USA

Deja Mann

NAME: Deja Mann TRACK: Hindsight YEAR: 2021 FROM: Atlanta, USA © Malcolm Mann

Tank and The Bangas

NAME: Tank And The Bangas TRACK: Big ft. Big Freedia YEAR: 2021 FROM: New Orleans, USA


NAME: Ceefineass TRACK: Bitch Shut Up YEAR: 2021 FROM: New Orleans, USA

Ace Queezy

NAME: Ace Queezy TRACK: Rich Nigga YEAR: 2021 FROM: Memphis, USA

Big Jade

NAME: Big Jade TRACK: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See YEAR: 2021 FROM: Beaumont, Texas, USA