Kamera Tyme

NAME: Kamera Tyme TRACK: Fevah YEAR: 2023 FROM: Newport News, Virginia, USA

London A’Lexus

NAME: London A’Lexus TRACK: Against the World ft. P.A. Rhodes YEAR: 2023 FROM: USA

Bob the Drag Queen

NAME: Bob the Drag Queen TRACK: Gay Barz ft. Kamera Tyme, Allxmllr, Mr. Grande & Ocean Kelly YEAR: 2023 … Continue reading “Bob the Drag Queen”

Ocean Kelly

NAME: Ocean Kelly TRACK: Vitamin D YEAR: 2023 FROM: Atlanta, USA

Lizzy Jeff

NAME: Lizzy Jeff TRACK: Currency YEAR: 2022 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Beautie Bang

NAME: Beautie Bang TRACK: Super Gremlin (Remix) “Super Stars” YEAR: 2022 FROM: Las Vegas, USA

Kandii Redd

NAME: Kandii Redd TRACK: #GloRillaResponse Big Bawz Shit YEAR: 2022 FROM: Mobile (Alabama), USA


NAME: jewelz TRACK: Miss Me ft. Lush One YEAR: 2022 FROM: Covina, California, USA


NAME: Pettyy TRACK: Mobb Deep Burn Freestyle YEAR: 2022 FROM: Queens, New York, USA

Abby Jasmine

NAME: Abby Jasmine TRACK: On The Radar Freestyle YEAR: 2022 FROM: New York, USA

Coey Redd

NAME: Coey Redd TRACK: Naked YEAR: 2022 FROM: California, USA

Kidd Kenn

NAME: Kidd Kenn TRACK: Freak YEAR: 2022 FROM: Chicago/Los Angeles, USA

Talia Goddess

NAME: Talia Goddess TRACK: Ragga YEAR: 2022 FROM: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Nia Kay

NAME: Nia Kay TRACK: Trust Me YEAR: 2022 FROM: Chicago, USA

Legendary Lynn

NAME: Legendary Lynn TRACK: Handful ft. Lai’la Mo’ney YEAR: 2022 FROM: Toledo, Ohio, USA

Anaya LoveNote

NAME: Anaya LoveNote TRACK: Preference YEAR: 2022 FROM: Los Angeles, USA


NAME: KKimmestry TRACK: Goin Stupid Again YEAR: 2022 FROM: Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Renegade Raven

NAME: Renegade Raven TRACK: Let’s Talk About It (Freestyle) YEAR: 2022 FROM: Toledo, Ohio, USA

Cookiee Kawaii

NAME: Cookiee Kawaii TRACK: Donkey 2.0 ft. Justin Love YEAR: 2022 FROM: Irvington, New Jersey, USA