K Goddess

NAME: K Goddess TRACK: Keep It 100 YEAR: 2022 FROM: New York, USA

Annise Courtney

NAME: Annise Courtney TRACK: Raw ft. Kween Witta K YEAR: 2022 FROM: Alabama, USA

Katie Tropp

NAME: Katie Tropp TRACK: Hurt Feelings YEAR: 2022 FROM: Austin, USA

Oxymoronic Misanthrope

NAME: Oxymoronic Misanthrope TRACK: To Be YEAR: 2022 FROM: California, USA

Felecia Cruz

NAME: Felecia Cruz TRACK: Got It YEAR: 2022 FROM: Maine, USA


NAME: TommyBoiHero TRACK: Soft Serve YEAR: 2022 FROM: Lille (59), France


NAME: K’rlotta TRACK: Freestyle Pleine Lune YEAR: 2022 FROM: Lille (59), France


NAME: AtropaTrap TRACK: 10 Unantastbar YEAR: 2021 FROM: Germany


NAME: Eroticorn TRACK: Mtrx grl YEAR: 2021 FROM: Prague, Czechia  

Queen Wasabi

NAME: Queen Wasabi TRACK: Flower YEAR: 2021 FROM: South Korea


NAME: wiggyjay TRACK: Female Cypher de Fête 3 ft. LOLO TWINGO, Syada, yasoup.ire, Geen Poespas, Bunker Fragile & Lil’Bienvenüe … Continue reading “wiggyjay”


NAME: KeemiKaze TRACK: Is Schon Okay YEAR: 2021 FROM: Dresden, Germany © Mandy Brockwitz

The Girll Codee

NAME: The Girll Codee TRACK: Whoa YEAR: 2021 FROM: Brooklyn, New York, USA


NAME: Nua TRACK: Je rêve YEAR: 2021 FROM: Angers (49), France

Soui Uno

NAME: Soui Uno TRACK: Gas YEAR: 2021 FROM: Buenos Aires, Argentina © F L E X I


NAME: KMRS TRACK: Sad Boi YEAR: 2021 FROM: Surrey/London, UK

Isis Aset

NAME: Isis Aset TRACK: Black Rose YEAR: 2021 FROM: New Jersey, USA


NAME: Minzy TRACK: Fantabulous YEAR: 2021 FROM: South Korea


NAME: Carmeline TRACK: 23H59 YEAR: 2021 FROM: Austria/Palestine/Paris, France