NAME: Q’ueeen TRACK: Come Outside ft. Tmaac, RatchetMan & Gabbi YEAR: 2022 FROM: Houston, USA


NAME: Alchimi TRACK: Les traces de mon passage YEAR: 2022 FROM: Lyon, France

Jenner Hendrixx

NAME: Jenner Hendrixx TRACK: CANCELN YEAR: 2022 FROM: Berlin, Germany

Omari Vel

NAME: Omari Vel TRACK: UltraViolet YEAR: 2022 FROM: Philadelphia, USA


NAME: Spacebabymadcha TRACK: Beat the Odds YEAR: 2022 FROM: Belgium, Antwerp

Uzo | CJ Run

NAME: Uzo | CJ Run TRACK: Sterling YEAR: 2022 FROM: Chicago, USA

Lila Sovia

NAME: Lila Sovia TRACK: You Know The Dill YEAR: 2022 FROM: Germany © Patrick Steck


NAME: Zagranis TRACK: Story Of A Queen YEAR: 2022 FROM: Epping, New Hampshire, USA


NAME: wiggyjay TRACK: Female Cypher de Fête 3 ft. LOLO TWINGO, Syada, yasoup.ire, Geen Poespas, Bunker Fragile & Lil’Bienvenüe … Continue reading “wiggyjay”


NAME: KMRS TRACK: Sad Boi YEAR: 2021 FROM: Surrey/London, UK

Ostberlin Androgyn

NAME: Ostberlin Androgyn TRACK: Maracuja Sekt YEAR: 2021 FROM: Berlin, Germany


NAME: Houdya TRACK: You Call Me Cutie YEAR: 2021 FROM: Nantes, France

Shades Lawrence

NAME: Shades Lawrence TRACK: Turn My Head YEAR: 2021 FROM: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


NAME: Apuke TRACK: Ca$Ada Com Ela YEAR: 2021 FROM: São Paulo, Brazil


NAME: Bivolt TRACK: Raspa Placa ft. Duda Beat YEAR: 2021 FROM: São Paulo, Brazil

Alias Jazz

NAME: Alias Jazz TRACK: Prelude YEAR: 2021 FROM: Montmagny (95), France/Montreal, Quebec

La Giù

NAME: La Giù TRACK: Bâtards m’ont saoulée YEAR: 2021 FROM: Paris, France

O Rabelo

NAME: O Rabelo TRACK: Barro ft. ST YEAR: 2021 FROM: Galicia, Spain © Marcela Barsce

Le Talu

NAME: Le Talu TRACK: Gender Panic YEAR: 2021 FROM: Brussels, Belgium