NAME: Aljas TRACK: Chłopaki z BMW YEAR: 2023 FROM: Poland

Young Miko

NAME: Young Miko TRACK: Lisa YEAR: 2023 FROM: Añasco, Puerto Rico


NAME: Less TRACK: Classic YEAR: 2023 FROM: Niort (Deux-Sèvres)/Paris, France

Bob the Drag Queen

NAME: Bob the Drag Queen TRACK: Gay Barz ft. Kamera Tyme, Allxmllr, Mr. Grande & Ocean Kelly YEAR: 2023 … Continue reading “Bob the Drag Queen”


NAME: Damag3 TRACK: Grav3 YEAR: 2023 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Tristan Simone

NAME: Tristan Simone TRACK: Purgatory YEAR: 2023 FROM: Spain/Chicago, USA

Ocean Kelly

NAME: Ocean Kelly TRACK: Vitamin D YEAR: 2023 FROM: Atlanta, USA

Salem Aya

NAME: Salem Aya TRACK: Qandïsha ft. Lemhllwess YEAR: 2022 FROM: Morocco/New York, USA


NAME: K1ZA TRACK: Cobarde YEAR: 2022 FROM: Madrid, Spain


NAME: Mabiland TRACK: Quema YEAR: 2022 FROM: Colombia

Le Talu

NAME: Le Talu TRACK: INSORTLABLXS YEAR: 2022 FROM: France/Brussels, Belgium

Adés The Planet

NAME: Adés The Planet TRACK: Bayas YEAR: 2022 FROM: Paris, France


NAME: Saaphyra TRACK: Comme des femmes YEAR: 2022 FROM: Marseille (13), France


NAME: Bione TRACK: Ego YEAR: 2022 FROM: Brazil

Villano Antillano

NAME: Villano Antillano TRACK: Cáscara de Coco YEAR: 2022 FROM: Puerto Rico

Monna Brutal

NAME: Monna Brutal TRACK: Atravessamento YEAR: 2022 FROM: São Paulo, Brazil

Nao Mali

NAME: Nao Mali TRACK: Little Black Jockstrap YEAR: 2022 FROM: Philippines/Stockholm, Sweden


NAME: Effy TRACK: La platine YEAR: 2022 FROM: Seine-Saint-Denis (93), France


NAME: BVT TRACK: Lalaki YEAR: 2022 FROM: Sydney, Australia