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VIDEO – 11 rappers who identify as bisexual

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For Bi Visibility Day, check out our selection of 11 rappers who identify as bisexual!

4% of the world’s population defines itself as bisexual, according to an IPSOS survey conducted in 30 countries and published in June 2023. Bisexuals are estimated at 5% in Spain, 4.5% in the USA and 3% in France. Meanwhile, in the United States, the number of bisexuals has almost quadrupled in ten years, according to another June 2023 study published in The Journal of Sex Research.

While this increased visibility of bisexuals in society, pop culture and on social networks is to be welcomed, bisexual hip hop artists are still poorly represented in the mainstream media.

Despite the prejudice that rap is an ultra-hostile space for LGBT+ people, Madame Rap wanted to use the occasion to remind everyone that bisexual rappers do exist! Here are 11 MCs you should know, selected from the 32 artists who identify as bisexual listed on our website.



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