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VIDEO – 15 hardcore pioneer female rappers

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Pussy, dick, ass… Female rappers’ explicit language doesn’t shock anyone today. Well, hardly anyone. Whereas Nicki Minaj‘s, Cardi B,’s, Megan Thee Stallion‘s or ppcocaine ‘s raw lyrics offend the most conservative, this kind of texts has existed in rap for a long time.

The first “hardcore” female rappers, as they were called at the time, emerged in the US at the end of the 1980’s with the rise of gangsta rap. Bands like Salt-N-Pepa (with Let’s Talk About Sex) and TLC (with Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg) or BWP (Bytches With Problems) and HWA (Hoez With Attitude) paved the way by addressing bluntly their sexuality and own pleasure.

In the mid 1990’s, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown (nicknamed “Ill Na Na”, which means “good pussy”) became hypersexualized ambassadors, rapping about clitoris and cunnilingus and investing sexuality as a space for self-assertion and empowerment. While reclaiming male rappers’ codes, they celebrated their body and reaffirmed a total control of their privacy.

At the end of the decade, the lyrics of Queen Pen, Gangsta Boo, Missy Elliott, Trina and Khia were as sexual and bawdy as their male colleagues’. In the 2000’s, Nicki Minaj continued the tradition and became an international icon.

Through their texts and image, these racialized female rappers reverse the stigma and shift the paradigm: they are the narrators and actors of their own sexuality and express their desires without being objectified by a white male and/or heteronormative gaze.

And they pay a high price. Although some of them rose to the top and became superstars, they are systematically slut-shamed and criticized for their alleged incompetence as MCs. Meanwhile, cis-heterosexual male rappers, who also use their body as an artistic or marketing tool, are spared.

Whatever you think of them, these artists have challenged the norm for over thirty years and prove hip hop also allows this freedom of speech.

From 1990 to 2015, let’s take a look back at 15 hardcore pioneer female rappers, mostly American but not exclusively, who left a mark on this music and still inspire young generations.

Enjoy (18 and over!)


HWA – Eat this (1990) – Los Angeles, USA

“Now eat this pussy is what you can do
Suck it and suck it till your ass turn blue
The pussy is hot and good to G O
Hold on for a second while I lay on the floor
When I wrap this pussy around your goddam chin”

BWP – Cotex (1991) – New York/New Jersey, USA

“Bitch bleeding all fucking day
Up in her ass, dripping down her legs
Her panties are soaking, drenched in blood
She got cramps shooting up as far as her breasts”

La salope saigne toute la journée
Dans son cul, le long de ses jambes
Sa culotte est trempée, pleine de sang
Elle a des crampes qui remonte jusque dans les seins”

BOSS – Recipe Of A Hoe (1993) – Detroit, USA

“They ready to stick it in
I ain’t no mingler
So I’m puttin’
Up my middle finger”

LIL’ KIM – Not Tonight (1996) – New York, USA

“The moral of the story is this
You ain’t lickin’ this, you ain’t stickin’ this”

FOXY BROWN – Tramp (1999) – New York, USA

“Whatever bitch you fuck, bet I’m twice them hoes
And I want my pussy licked, after all my shows”

ROLL-K – Roule avec Roll-K (2000) – Paris, France

“Lèche moi le clit bébé, rentre bien ta langue
Si tu assures, j’ramène des copines et on fait un gang bang”

“Lick my clit baby, put your tongue in it
If you’re good, I’ll bring my girlfriends and we’ll gangbang”

TRINA – B R Right ft. Ludacris (2002) – Miami, USA

“I want my ass smacked
Legs wide
Front back
Side to side
Pussy wet”
“Get high and fuck me crazy
Get a towel and wipe me off”

MS SANCHA – Freaky Tonight (2003) – Los Angeles, USA

“You can do me in the back of the club, in the back of the truck
I don’t care papi just want to fuck
A little licking on my clit, a little suckin on your dick
That’ll do the job if you wanna come and get this pussy wet
Just the thought of it makes me hot, whether you or me on top
Bust a nut on this freaky slut you can stick it in the butt”

JACKI-O – Pussy (Real Good) (2004) – Miami, USA

“Ya momma don’t like me, she say I’m no good
What she don’t know is, I got you pussy whooped
He need this pussy, he smell this pussy
He wanna taste this pussy, you gotta pay for pussy”

NICKI MINAJ – Freaky Gurl ft. Gucci Mane (2008) – New York, USA

“Lemme think, what could I do to kick it off?
How ‘bout I cum all on your dick and then I lick it off?”

LADY – Yankin (2010) – Talbotton, Georgia, USA

“I can’t even lie, I fuck better when I’m drinkin’
Ride dick like a pro, throw the pussy like I’m famous
Pussy feels so good, feels like the rubber off, ain’t it?
You ain’t gotta tell me, I know this pussy be yankin’”

COCO BROWN – Fuck My Face (2012) – Las Vegas, USA/Germany

“Flip me over grab my waist
Arch my back and fuck my face
Fuck my face grab my waist
Flip my ass over how good does it taste?
Now stick your finger in my butt and make this pussy nut”

KATIE GOT BANDZ – Kat!e (2012) – Chicago, USA

“Don’t fuck with lames
We gang bang, ho I’m in this shit
Katie making noise
Queen of drills bitch”

LIZA MONET – My Best Plan (2013) – Paris, France

“Quand il m’demande de le sucer
J’aime lécher son gland et le long de sa bite
Puis demande à me faire pénétrer lentement”

“When he asks me to suck him
I like to lick his glans and along his dick
Then ask him to slowly penetrate me”

LADY DO – Libomi 2.0 (2015) – Congo Brazzaville

“J’ne jure, j’ne jure que sur la chatte à moi-même
Tu veux me baiser ? Si t’en as une grosse, vas-y tu te ramènes”

“I swear, I swear by my own pussy
You want to fuck? If you got a big one, get over here”

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