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VIDEO – 7 pansexual rappers you should listen to right now

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For Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day (#PanVisibilityDay), check out these 7 pansexual rappers you should listen to right now!

Individuals who identify as pansexual may feel desire or romantic feelings for a person regardless of their sex or gender.

While 1% of people worldwide identify as pansexual, the United States alone accounts for 2% of pansexual adults (IPSOS, 2021). Logically, it is in this country that we find the vast majority of rap artists who identify as pansexual.

In France, cases of panphobia represent 6% of the LGBTIphobias collected by SOS Homophobie in 2022. According to the French association, minors are the main victims and represent 28% of cases. The violence takes various forms, ranging from rejection (80%), to insults (35%) and threats (10%).

To celebrate the rappers who identify as pansexual, here are 7 English-speaking MCs selected among the 10 pansexual artists listed on Madame Rap.



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