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VIDEO – 10 Ivorian female rappers you should know

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Now known as “rap ivoire”, Ivorian rap emerged in 1985 with the release of the first EP by the group ACB (Abidjan City Breakers).

A decade later, in 1997, the female rapper PrissK was named “best rap artist of the year” for the album Super Star by the group 6-STEM D’ALARME, which she formed with her older brother. On a largely male-dominated scene, the artist was a pioneer in denouncing violence against women, excision and forced marriages.

A new generation of female rappers has made its mark, incorporating rap and coupé décalé, a major genre in Ivory Coast. Abidjan has become one of the epicenters of French-speaking rap, and the home of many artists who have won over local and international audiences.

To discover some of them, here are 10 Ivorian female rappers you should know, selected from the 16 MCs from Ivory Coast listed on Madame Rap.



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