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Zebra Katz : “Hip hop is a form of storytelling for the oppressed”

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March 2012, Paris Fashion Week. For the soundtrack of his show, American fashion designer Rick Owens chooses the track Ima Read by a young New York rapper called Zebra Katz. The song gains instant success and the fashion world becomes infatuated with the artist’s queer and dark esthetics.

As American rappers Azealia Banks and Angel Haze, and singer Frank Ocean, come out (as pansexual for the first, bisexual for the other two), Zebra Katz is considered as one of the pioneers of queer rap.

Eight years later and after several collaborations, musical explorations and the release of three singles (LOUSY/INN, ISH and UPP) since November 2019, Zebra Katz dropped his debut album Less Is Moor on March 20. While in Paris, the self-proclaimed “dark rapper” told us about his status as a queer, Black, other and independent artist, the inclusivity of hip hop and his hybrid music.

Less Is More available on March, 20, 2020 

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