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6. Madame Talk x Veemie

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Listen to our new Madame Talk with French rapper Veemie!

Born in Clichy-La-Garenne in Paris region and Marseille-based, Veemie started rapping at the age of 15. One night, she heard Lil’ Kim on the radio and started to look for French artists who sounded like her but couldn’t find any. So she decided to take the mic.

After several videos and freestyles posted online, Veemie joined Bande Organisée Version Féminine, a collective of 8 female rappers from Marseille, who got known with a cover of 13 Organisé.

As she just left the band to focus on her own projects, the artist explained how being a “high potential” have complicated her social interactions for years and how rap helped her restore her self-esteem.

She also told us about her dark side called Le Veezeur, her experience of narcissistic perversion and how the caricatural image of Black women conveyed by some American female rappers irritates her.

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