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Dai Burger: “Being queer means being honest about who you are”

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Queens rapper Dai Burger told us about her experience in hip hop, her second album that will be out on December 6 and what being queer means to her. 

How and when did you discover hip hop and what made you want to become a rapper? 

As an only child growing up in Queens NY, I used television and my love for arts and crafts to keep me occupied. This was the era of MTV, TRL, BET and video outlet networks. I was immediately obsessed with what was actually pop culture in the making. So as a product of my youth, I can’t help but emulate this in who I am, and my music. Which I like to call a hip pop blend.

Which artists did you listen to while growing up?

My faves included Missy Elliot, TLC, Kelis, Gwen Stefani and artists like Ludacris and Busta Rhymes. I still listen to these artists to this day! I love hip hop with a comedic twist and some theatrical flair.

My feminism is my own special blend.

You started your career as a dancer. How are dancing and rapping complementary to you? 

They go hand-in-hand as my stage show plays a BIG part in my brand and who I am. It’s amazing! Lol. I love crowd participation, big movements and owning the stage. Dancing is mandatory for me.

You just released the track Salty. Is it part of a new project coming soon?

It is! My sophomore album Bite the Burger” is coming December, 6. I’m so excited to share it as it explains my journey this far. Let’s just say I’m nice and seasoned at this point, but eager to continue growing.

My peers and I are the change.

You’re often presented as a queer rapper. Do you identify as such? What does the term “queer” mean to you? 

I do! To me, being queer just means being open and honest about who you are and not confining yourself to anything. Even if you’re not quite sure who you are or want to become, whether that concerns gender, sexuality, career paths or social conformities, it’s about being honest in saying that you’re figuring it/yourself out. I am honest to say I live life to my fullest enjoyment however I see fit, period!

Do you consider yourself a feminist? If so, how would you describe your feminism?     

As a woman coming up in a male dominated industry, I can’t help but to represent the strength, wisdom and compassion that women provide. So if being proud of who I am, and the females that raised me, and the women out here representing and putting on for themselves and their families is considered being a feminist, then that I am! And by the way, feminism is for everybody, and can be represented in so many different ways. My feminism is my own special blend.

Hip hop is often pictured as sexist and homophobic. However, it is more inclusive than many other music genres and many LGBTQIA artists express themselves through rap. How would you explain this? 

Yes, hip hop has often been portrayed this way, but I am so happy to not only be a part of the shift, but to witness the growth and inclusion of the genre. My peers and I are the change. Music sees no color, gender or sexuality. Music is what you feel. It’s what YOU make of it.

Who are your role models and why?

My mother and my grandmother are my role models. They showed me what it takes to be a strong and independent woman, in times where women are expected to be a certain way. I thank them for allowing me to break my own standards of what’s deemed “normal,” and becoming my own role model.

What are your plans for the upcoming months? 

More music, more videos, more antics, more input, more EVERYTHING! The burgers been going 5+ years strong and I’m showing no signs of slowing down, only growing!

What do you think of Madame Rap? What should be changed or improved? 

I love Madame Rap, because females in music and pop culture deserve such a platform where we can be accepted, heard and publicized in the right light. Madame Rap does just that. Thank you!

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