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VIDEO – 10 non-binary rappers to follow

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1,2 million people identify as non-binary in the US, that is 11% of LGBTQIA+ adults (Williams Institute, June 2021). In France, 36% of the 18-30 year-old identify with the term. (20 Minutes, January 2020).

What about rap? Madame Rap lists 35 MCs who identify as non-binary, that is 9,19% of the LGBTQIA+ artists registered on our website.

Here are 10 non-binary rappers to follow, selected among this list.



  • Alice Dee (Germany)
  • Brasov (Romania)
  • Kae Tempest (UK)
  • Calamine (Montreal, Canada)
  • Lava La Rue (UK)
  • Spacebabymadcha (Belgium)
  • DijahSB (Toronto, Canada)
  • Haruko Tajima (Japan)
  • Lila Sovia (Germany)
  • Shea Couleé (Chicago, USA)

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