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VIDEO – 40 LGBT+ rappers from 40 countries

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For the International Day against LGBTphobia (#IDAHOT2023), check out 40 LGBT+ rappers from 40 countries selected among the 401 LGBT+ artists listed on Madame Rap!

69 countries repress LGBT+ people, with sanctions ranging from fines to prison, forced “conversion therapies”, whipping, and even the death penalty. Nevertheless, MCs from all over the world use rap as a political and/or artistic tool to express and celebrate their gender identity and/or sexual orientation.


  • Dibby Sounds (Switzerland)
  • Saaphyra (France)
  • Shady 6XX (Belgium)
  • Tribade (Spain)
  • Bione (Brazil)
  • Jay Boogie (Nigeria)
  • Sleeq (South Korea)
  • Salem Aya (Morocco)
  • Shitstem (Argentina)
  • Damjan Loš (Serbia)
  • Kerosin95 (Austria)
  • Dope Saint Jude (South Africa)
  • Silvana Imam (Sweden)
  • Mista Strange (UK)
  • Drinu (Poland)
  • Säye Skye (Iran)
  • David Wilde (China)
  • Krudas Cubensi (Cuba)
  • Rebeca Lane (Guatemala)
  • Kuuk (Norway)
  • Noti Flow (Kenya)
  • M¥SS KETA (Italy)
  • La Straw (El Salvador)
  • Randa (New-Zealand)
  • The G3sha (Singapore)
  • Countess Malaise (Iceland)
  • Caye Cayejera (Ecuador)
  • Tokischa (Dominican Republique)
  • Starrlight (Netherlands)
  • Namichie (Japan)
  • Brasov (Romania)
  • Sophiya (Australia)
  • Kimmortal (Canada)
  • Sir Mantis (Germany)
  • Sailorfag (Mexico)
  • Villano Antillano (Puerto Rico)
  • Ppcocaine (USA)
  • Mabiland (Colombia)
  • Boka Esquina (Bolivia)
  • Titica (Angola)

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