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VIDEO – 20 lesbian rappers from 20 different countries

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For #LesbianVisibilityDay, here are 20 lesbian rappers from 20 different countries selected among the 106 lesbian artists listed on Madame Rap!

Let’s keep in mind that rap music a space of inclusion and diversity: it is neither the lesbophobic hell described by the dominant discourses, nor the main source of sexist and LGBT+phobic oppressions.




  • MC Nill (Italy)
  • Young MA (USA)
  • Iza Sabino (Brazil)
  • Ptazeta (Spain)
  • Sleeq (South Korea)
  • Salem Aya (Morocco)
  • Lala &ce (France)
  • Lava LaRue (UK)
  • Dope Saint Jude (South Africa)
  • Nasha Dee (Kenya)
  • Starrlight (Netherlands)
  • Caye Cayejera (Ecuador)
  • Yela Quim (Colombia)
  • Krudas Cubensi (Cuba)
  • Chocolate Remix (Argentina)
  • La Straw (El Salvador)
  • Niña Dioz (Mexico)
  • Silvana Imam (Sweden)
  • Aljas (Poland)
  • Calamine (Canada)

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