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VIDEO – 20 Japanese female rappers you must know

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Long-dismissed by mainstream media and record labels, Japanese rap began being visibilized in the mid-nineties. At the time, R&B female singers were very popular in the country and contributed to make rap more accessible, and male rappers more successful by collaborating with them.

In 1995, ex-pop singer Yuri was one of the first Japanese female MC to emerge with top-selling track “Da.Yo.Ne” featuring East End. Today, her successors are still active on the rap scene even though – as everywhere else in the world -, they remain little-known.

To do them justice, check out these 20 Japanese female rappers, selected among the 55 Japanese artists referenced on Madame Rap.



  • Utaha
  • MC Frog
  • Awich
  • Chelmico
  • Maria
  • Minami
  • Elle Teresa
  • 072 (prononcé “Onatsu”)
  • Akkogorilla
  • Yayoi Daimon
  • Sudannayuzuyully
  • Chanmina
  • Thirteen13
  • Tsugumi
  • MFS (Mother Fuckin Savage)
  • Marukido
  • Reichi

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