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Playlist #4 – December 2019

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Check out our December playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music !

This month, we made a selection of 30 essential songs by female rappers in 2019 with 34 artists of 15 different countries! (The YouTube playlist differs from the other playlists because all the artists are not on the streaming platforms.)


  • Agsy (India)
  • Brandie Blaze (Boston, USA)
  • Cali Hendrix, Mika Luciano & Lil Keisha (Chicago, USA)
  • Chanmina (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Chynna Rogers (Philadelphia, USA)
  • Devmo (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Dope Saint Jude (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Domo Wilson (Chicago/Valparaiso, USA)
  • Ekloz (Sète/Montpellier, France)
  • Fanny Polly (Mouans-Sartoux/Paris, France)
  • Flash Marley & Vicky R (Togo/Lille, France)
  • Gloria Boateng (Ghent, Belgium)
  • Haviah Mighty (Toronto, Canada)
  • Illustre (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
  • Jey Lowcy (Brest/Paris, France)
  • Shani (Wissous, France)
  • Lansky Namek (Marseille, France)
  • Lava La Rue (London, UK)
  • Le Juiice (Boissy-Saint-Léger, France)
  • Leys (Reims, France)
  • Medusa TN (Tunisia)
  • Meriem Saci (Quebec, Canada/Algeria)
  • Mina La Voilèe (Senegal)
  • Neelam (Los Angeles,USA)
  • Niña Dioz (Mexico)
  • Pearly & MBK Doe (Paris, France)
  • Rocket (China)
  • Ruby Red (Montreal, Canada)
  • Ryaam (Paris, France)
  • Sara Hebe (Argentina)
  • Skyna (Grasse, France)
  • Starrlight (Tilburg, Netherlands)
  • Tracy De Sá & KT Gorique (Lyon, France/Switzerland)
  • Tribade (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Wangechi (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Yugen Blakrok (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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