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Playlist #52 – September 2023

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Check out our playlist #52 on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music with 20 tracks by international female and LGBTQIA rappers!


  • Changeline (Paris, France)
  • Tayna (Albania)
  • Alice Dee (Germany)
  • Bounty & Cocoa (Germany)
  • Malake (Iran/Sweden)
  • 021G (Iran/United Kingdom)
  • Sofia Gabanna (Argentina/Spain)
  • Ambar Luna (Chile)
  • Ptazeta (Spain)
  • Juana Na Rap (Portugal)
  • Mac Júlia, Ajuliacosta & MC Luanna (Brazil)
  • XG (Japan/South Korea)
  • Elle Teresa (Japan)
  • Ramengvrl (Indonesia)
  • Toya Delazy (South Africa/UK)
  • Nanna Goodie (Canada)
  • That Chick Angel, Sexyy Red, FendiDa Rappa, Flo Milli, Casa Di & Steve Terrell (USA)
  • S3nsi molly (Arlington, Texas, USA)
  • Lexa Terrestrial (Pittsburgh/New York, USA)
  • Audrey Nuna (South Korea/New York, USA)

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