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Miss Pvssy: “Now hip hop is open to all”

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Born and raised in Chicago, Miss Pvssy is most known for her 2017 ChiRaq Freestyle, which celebrates trans women’s sexuality. She told us about her journey in rap, her inclusive vision of hip hop and her first EP that will be released this year.

How and when were you introduced to hip hop for the first time? 

My sister was my introduction. She would have catalogs of albums and I discovered so much of my music taste from that.

How did you start rapping? 

I was in elementary and already writing melodies but not yet rap. I wrote a song that I wanted to rap after on and BAM! My sister helped me put it together and I just started going in. OMG I still remember the whole song!

Who were your role models while growing up?

Strong black women. Women who were told they couldn’t and only heard “could”. My mother and grandmother all the way to my teacher who believed I’ll stand here one day.

You come from Chicago, which has a thriving hip hop scene. What is your relationship to this city?

I love my city, it’s very beautiful with nightclubs, museums, zoos for free and our building architecture. That damn place has shaped me so much and it is where I first fell in love with hip hop/music. The art we have there inspires me real shit. Inspires me to be original and just be.

You are most known for your Chiraq freestyle and your track Slay, which are empowering anthems for cis and trans women. Would you say your music is political?

I would say it gives powerful women who believed it didn’t matter where you came from or what you loved, it just mattered where you heart was. No one’s perfect and we shouldn’t aim for that. My music speaks confidence in believing in yourself rather it’s just you or others. It’s that fight for justice, equality. It’s that fight for freedom to say, do and wear what the fuck I want. That’s how I want to contribute.

You performed several times at the Blow Pony, a popular queer event in Portland, Oregon. What did you learn from this experience?

Yo Portland is one of my favorite fucking places hah. It’s just such a small town atmosphere with the most creative individuals. They all are just so free and they make you just want to be loud and proud! No fucks given.

How do you usually write? Do you have any routines or favorite topics?

Just whatever I’m feeling so it could sometimes be a topic or routine but usually I just want to feel the track. My first EP I’m releasing this year will introduce more of my sound and stories. I’m a writer so I want you to relate as well as enjoy. I think of clever things all the way to deep “out there” lyrics but music should be a type of freedom. Like a boxing class or yoga, letting it all out. Ya know?

People often think that hip hop is the most LGBTQIA phobic music genre. How do you reply to that?

I want us to live for today to create our futures, which means changing that into what it should be. Because I believe NOW hip hop is open to all, now is just the time to support and/or create so when we look back, this was never the question.

Do you identify as a queer artist?

I identify as myself, God’s child. I don’t want to leave anyone out because the mission is to be one. Love who you love, be what your hearts beats to be. Go where your eyes have yet to touch and don’t judge your neighbor. I’m an artist who loves every color of that great rainbow and more!

Do you consider yourself a feminist? 

I hope I can be of any support to the rights women deserve in this world. We come from all backgrounds and have built big accomplishments that are stables in our everyday life rather it be a child growing up to be what they want or a young queen feeling brave in her correct makeup foundation. We’ve created so much,and all women deserve high pay and given their flowers. Period.

How does the Covid pandemic impact your activity?

At first it was hard not performing or being able to connect to dope ass people. But this has been a great chapter in showing myself a lot about literally myself hah. Starting this EP, which is my first, creating footage I have yet to release and getting to know me, now. What I love to eat and watch that’s different than the old me. Yo I sound like Oprah, but it’s inspired me to do more content and make more music so even if we have to be apart we can still be together.

What do you think of Madame Rap? What should be changed or improved?

I love the platform and any who supports real artists. Podcast next interview!

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