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5. Madame Talk x Shani

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Listen to our new Madame Talk with French rapper Shani!

Based in Wissous in Paris Region, Shani wrote her first texts in 2012.

After a master’s degree in marketing, she decided to take a sabbatical year in 2018 to explore her different passions. Among them, hip hop dancing, especially new style, singing, soccer, drawing and rap.

The same year, the artist published on her social networks several feminists freestyles and grew quickly an online community.

In summer 2019, during the FIFA World Cup, she released Sélection féminine, an afro-trap track that celebrates women in soccer and made her known to a wider audience.

The rapper told us about her admiration for the new generation who stands up against sexism, the cyberbullying female rappers must face today and her many projects despite the coronavirus pandemic.

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