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10. Madame Talk x Sarahmée

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Listen to our new Madame Talk with Quebec rapper Sarahmée!

Born in Dakar a the end of the 80’s, Sarahmée was adopted at 7 months old  by a couple from Quebec based in Senegal. She then lived between Quebec, Rwanda and Tunisia before settling in Montreal.

As her mother plays the kora and her brother Karim Ouellet is a famous pop singer and songwriter, Sarahmée got into rap, that she discovered when she was 10.

She first became passionate about US rap with the Fugees, Lucy Pearl and  Nas, and then French rap with NTM, IAM or MC Solaar.

Moved by the energy of this music, she started rapping the poems she wrote. In 2008, she founded the rap duo Diaspora with Ivorian rapper Yasmina, and then went solo in 2009.

After two albums, Sarahmée will release a new opus on September 3.  The artist told us about how she increasingly involves in the artistic direction of her projects, how she is appalled by systemic racism, how her feminism constantly evolves and her interest for fashion.

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