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13. Madame Talk x Nanii

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Check out our Madame Talk podcast with rapper and actress Nanii!

A 24 year-old rapper and actress, Nanii comes from Romainville in Seine-Saint-Denis. She grew up “on the streets”, as she says, and an asset, which allowed her to develop a strong mind as well as an awareness for work and hardly-earned money.

As a child, she shared her room with her older sister, who rapped. While listening to Médine, Kery James, Sinik or Sniper, she saw her sister writing and rapping and began to write her own texts. After going through a trauma, she took refuge in writing when she was 12 and started rapping as a form of therapy.

Even though her sister doesn’t want to be known, go on stage or be played on the radio, she advises Nanii about her artistic choices and the duo regularly records freestyles, which are published on their social networks.

On Instagram, Nanii caught the eye of writer and stage director Caroline Guiela Nguyen who cast her for a role in her play Fraternité, conte fantastique. Whereas Nanii never entered a theater, she was fast-tracked on stage. She told us how this acting experience fed her “conscious rap” and writing, the obstacles she faces managing her musical project all by herself, her vision of feminism and her upcoming EP with 10 one-minute tracks.

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