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4. Madame Talk x Lansky Namek

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Listen to our new Madame Talk with French rapper Lansky Namek!

French-born with Russian, Polish and Moroccan origins, Lansky Namek started to rap in junior high to fight dyslexia. Between soccer, beatmaking and rap, she earned her stripes at the Cours Julien and La Plaine in Marseille. Throughout the years, she created the persona of Lansky Namek : Lansky, as a reference to famous American crime figure Meyer Lansky and Namek from the planet in the Dragon Ball Z anime. Eclectic, she can sing soul, punk, boom bap or trap.

As an enthusiastic OM supporter, she told us about her passion for her club, her upcoming project that will be released in 2021 and her family who inspired her activism. Among the issues that matter to her, she chose to discuss France’s new security law, the Uyghur internment camps in China and the anti-LGBTQIA camps in Chechnya.

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