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Madame Talk, the new podcast by Madame Rap

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Madame Rap launches the podcast Madame Talk! Online on September 25. 
🟥 What is Madame Talk?

Every month, Madame Rap will publish a long audio interview with one female rapper, divided into 2 parts:

– a first part where Madame Rap talks with the artist about her journey in hip hop and her current projects;
– and a second part where we discuss 3 news topics, chosen by the artist.


♦To introduce this new format, Madame Rap interviewed the French rapper Illustre, for the release of her first album ILLE, available this Friday.


Get ready for a one-hour interview where we talk about her new project, violence in rap, the media coverage of female rappers (especially the annoying questions some journalists ask about gender), and the uncertain situation artists have to face because of the coronavirus crisis.


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