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Madame Rap partners up with The Color Agent

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Madame Rap is delighted to announce our partnership with The Color Agent!

Founded in 2014, The Color Agent (TCA) is a curated community that aims to amplify LGBTQ+ representation in entertainment for talent, creators, and artists.

Step into the vibrant world of The Color Agent (TCA), where innovation meets inclusivity in the dynamic realm of entertainment! More than just a platform, TCA is a pioneering force dedicated to reshaping the industry landscape by amplifying LGBTQ+ representation while championing talent over orientation.

Central to its mission is TCA TOO, an exclusive online membership platform meticulously curated to offer a sanctuary for LGBTQ+ industry professionals, creators, and artists. Here, connection isn’t just encouraged, it’s celebrated. It’s a space where community thrives, opportunities abound, and access is granted.

At The Color Agent, authenticity and inclusivity aren’t just buzzwords—they’re guiding principles. TCA believes in fostering an environment where individuals can flourish authentically, regardless of who they are or who they love. Its vision is to not only empower careers but to also provide a supportive network where aspirations are nurtured, talents are celebrated, and dreams are realized.

Join TCA on this exhilarating journey as it redefines what it means to be a part of the entertainment industry. Together, we’re not just transforming narratives—we’re shaping futures. Come be a part of this community, where your career finds its spotlight and your spirit finds its home.

Find The Color Agent here.

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