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Madame Rap launches her 2021-2022 membership campaign!

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Madame Rap launches her 2021-2022 membership campaign!

Open to all, the annual membership costs 10 euros, until  the end of the French school year on June 30, 2022 (if you want to support Madame Rap, you can also make a donation!)

This membership gives you access to:

  • A playlist with 20 tracks by international female and LGBTQIA rappers every month in your mailbox;
  • Our monthly newsletter with our news and updates directly in your mailbox.

And also enables you to:

  • Help us visibilize professional and emerging female rappers and LGBTQIA rap artists in concerts, festivals and the media;
  • Promote gender equality, fight against prejudice, sexism and LGBTphobia;
  • Celebrate the diversity and richness of hip hop culture and rap music!

Join Madame Rap here and make a donation here.

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