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Madame Rap launches an itinerant residence in Seine-Saint-Denis

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Madame Rap launches an itinerant residence in Seine-Saint-Denis!
From October 2019 to June 2020, Madame Rap sets up outreach initiatives focused on rap, LGBT+ and gender equality  in different music venues of the department.

The itinerant residence consists in different initiatives:

rap open-mics for women, trans and non-binary people 

These open-mics are dedicated to rappers who identify as women, non-binary or transgender.


These concerts aim to:

  • help the music venues identify women/LBT+ rappers ;
  • offer help to create non-sexist and non-LGBT+phobic communication media ;
  • encourage meetings and exchanges between women/LBT+ rappers;
  • encourage the integration of women/LBT+ rappers in traditional “male” line-ups and not only in “all-female” line-ups.


Rap writing workshops for young people/school audiences 

Led by women/LBT+ rappers, theses workshops aim to:

  • raise awareness among young people/school audiences about non-sexist and non-LGBT+phobic rap lyrics; ;
  • work on the rewriting of song lyrics;
  • write a non-sexist and non-LGBT+phobic rap track.
DJing and beatmaking workshops for children 

Led by women/LBT+ beatmakers and DJs, these workshops aim to introduce children to DJing and beatmaking and:

  • explain the origins of the practice;
  • give the participants technical fundamentals;
  • create a mix/a track;
  • show that DJing and beatmaking are not only for men!
Trainings for music professionals  

These trainings are dedicated to professionals of the music venues who welcome the residence and aim to:

  • learn how to welcome women/LBT+ rappers;
  • set up a device to deal with potential internal sexist and LGBT+ discriminations;
  • set up non-sexist and non-LGBT+phobic communication media (develop non-stigmatizing tools, be inclusive and have gender equal line-ups);
  • give tools to fight stereotypes about hip hop and promote an “other”, non-sexist and inclusive rap.


Each of these initiatives aims to think and act on the long term and:

  • show that rap is not the most sexist and LGBT+ music;
  • stop considering that making or listening to rap is a male and heterosexual behavior;
  • visibilize both professional and emerging women/LBT+ rappers;
  • fight against sexist and LGBT+ stereotypes;
  • and support gender equality and inclusivity.

These different initiatives will take place in several music venues of the MAAD 93 (network of developing contemporary amplified music in Seine-Saint-Denis) :

  • Le 2 Pièces Cuisine in Blanc-Mesnil ;
  • Mains d’Œuvres in Saint-Ouen ;
  • Le Chapiteau de La Fontaine Aux Images in Clichy-sous-Bois ;
  • La Maison Populaire in Montreuil ;
  • La Pêche in Montreuil ;
  • Le 6b in Saint-Denis ;
  • and also the MC93 in Bobigny.

The residence is supported by Seine-Saint-Denis General Council and the Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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