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KT Gorique is back with a new Biggest Female All Stars Cypher

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After the unexpected success of her first cypher released in May (1 million views in 2 weeks), Swiss rapper KT Gorique is back with a new “Biggest Female All Stars Cypher” ! 

This second edition gathers 21 female rappers from 9 different countries:

D.A.Y (Switzerland)

Tracy De Sà (Lyon, France/India)

VVS PANTHER (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Keyla K (Guinea)

Rebeca Lane (Guatemala)

KT Gorique (Martigny, Switzerland)

La Nefera (Dominican Republic)

Ayelya (Mantes-La-Jolie, France)

IRA (Madrid, Spain)

Lansky Namek (Marseille, France)

Chata Flores (Saragosse, Spain)

Dey Ef (Niort, France)

MCM (Quebec City, Canada)

Juste Shani (Wissous, France)

Fanny Polly (Nice, France)

Mamy Victory (Senegal)

LMK (Annecy/Paris, France)

Like for the first session, KT Gorique’s followers voted on Instagram for the artists they wanted to hear on the track and for the cover, among the proposals of nine graphic designers. It was Ambre Koubbi-Hauzi’s (Paris, France) design that was picked up.

As for the video, it was made from video selfies taken by the rappers and edited by comedian Shirley Souagnon, who is a friend of KT Gorique’s.

Finally, like for the first cypher, the track was produced by Toulousian beatmaker Fana.

Fana explained to us how and why she accepted to join the project: « KT and I have been working together for a few years. She told me about the whole concept and asked me to make the beats. I accepted for the challenge and the general idea.

Since there are many female rappers, and therefore different vibes and flows, KT and I thought we should have at least two styles. 

For the first cypher, it was a boom bap and trap instrumental. I composed two different drum patterns and used the same melody for both, but in a different way (sampling for the boom bap part).

For the second cypher, we chose a drill part and an afro/dancehall part. This time, there are two different patterns, unlike the first time where there were two different beats in one. 

Once I’ve composed the two beats, I sent them to the rappers who had to choose one or the other and record 8 bars each. 

It’s still rare to see female rappers, especially in France, even though the situation is slowly improving. 

There are 9 nationalities on the cypher, which is already a success in itself. It shows there are female rappers everywhere in the world. It is not common to find 20 female artists (rappers and/or singers) on a same track! This diversification shows that there is not only one rap “style”. This cypher represents a part of it and proves how rich hip hop culture is. 

Also, the advantage of a cypher is that the audience can discover several artists. 

Finally, I won’t deny that it is cool to hear one of your beats rapped by 20 people! 

© Ambre Koubbi-Hauzi

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