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INFOGRAPHIC – How many rappers in the world?

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“There is no decent female rapper”, “no woman will ever replace Diam’s…” As crazy as it may seem, in 2021, this bias against female rappers still persists, nine years after Diam’s officially retired! 

As the first French media dedicated to women and LGBTQIA+ in hip hop, Madame Rap has been working since 2016 to deconstruct cliches and highlight female and LGBTQIA+ artists in rap.

With this is mind, we made an infographic called “How many female rappers in the world?” based on our online directory of female and LGBTQIA+ rappers. Regularly updated, this directory gathers international rappers who identify as female or LGBTQIA+ and released at least one track physically, online or on social networks.

With 1975 artists from 119 different countries, including 296 in France, who can still say that there are no women in hip hop?

Download the infographic

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