Nathalie Froehlich

NOM : Nathalie Froehlich TITRE : Gangstaz ANNÉE : 2022 PAYS : Suisse, Lausanne © @audreydetoi


NAME: Gigi TRACK: Movies Not Moves YEAR: 2022 FROM: Switzerland © SamiraElaineSax

Boa Sayenita

NAME: Boa Sayenita TRACK: Mes couleurs et douleurs YEAR: 2021 FROM: Geneva, Switzerland

Dibby Sounds

NAME: Dibby Sounds TRACK: Pédé YEAR: 2021 FROM: Geneva, Switzerland


NAME: Awori TRACK: Ranavalona YEAR: 2021 FROM: Uganda/Switzerland

Souki Shayk

NAME: Souki Shayk TRACK: Salma YEAR: 2020 FROM: Zurich, Switzerland/Morocco

Kay Pada-One

NAME: Kay Pada-One TRACK: Chaque chute YEAR: 2017 FROM: Bulle, Switzerland

Ana Ford

NAME: Ana Ford TRACK: Baghdad YEAR: 2020 FROM: Geneva, Switzerland/Morocco

VVS Panther

NAME: VVS Panther TRACK: Mia Wallace YEAR: 2020 FROM: Lausanne, Switzerland

Evita Koné

NAME: Evita Koné TRACK: Captains of the Imagination YEAR: 2020 FROM: Geneva, Switzerland


NAME: Tyriss TRACK: Banalise feat. Thierry Corboz YEAR: 2020 FROM: Geneva, Switzerland


NAME: Loredana TRACK: Angst YEAR: 2020 FROM: Albania/Switzerland


NAME: Silance TRACK: Tornade (Studio Session) YEAR: 2020 FROM: Lausanne, Swizterland © d0wdii

Anna Frey

NAME: Anna Frey TRACK: Zu Ihm YEAR: 2020 FROM: Switzerland


NAME: BlackSin TRACK: 2Much YEAR: 2020 FROM: Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Ash Calisto

NAME: Ash Calisto TRACK: Gentiment YEAR: 2020 FROM: Lausanne, Switzerland

Miss C-Line

NAME: Miss C-Line TRACK: Purple Love YEAR: 2020 FROM: Basel, Switzerland


NAME: Mara TRACK: Foufoune YEAR: 2019 FROM: Geneva, Switzerland


NAME: Badnaiy TRACK: Freestyle Parait YEAR: 2019 FROM: Lausanne, Switzerland