Bob the Drag Queen

NAME: Bob the Drag Queen TRACK: Gay Barz ft. Kamera Tyme, Allxmllr, Mr. Grande & Ocean Kelly YEAR: 2023 … Continue reading “Bob the Drag Queen”

Le Talu

NAME: Le Talu TRACK: INSORTLABLXS YEAR: 2022 FROM: France/Brussels, Belgium


NAME: SBM (Spacebabymadcha) TRACK: Beat the Odds YEAR: 2022 FROM: Belgium, Antwerp

Uzo | CJ Run

NAME: Uzo | CJ Run TRACK: Sterling YEAR: 2022 FROM: Chicago, USA

Lila Sovia

NAME: Lila Sovia TRACK: You Know The Dill YEAR: 2022 FROM: Germany © Patrick Steck

Lil Uzi Vert

NAME: Lil Uzi Vert TRACK: Demon High YEAR: 2021 FROM: Philadelphia, USA

O Rabelo

NAME: O Rabelo TRACK: Barro ft. ST YEAR: 2021 FROM: Galicia, Spain © Marcela Barsce

Nappy Nina

NAME: Nappy Nina TRACK: Wanted YEAR: 2021 FROM: Oakland, USA

Dua Saleh

NAME: Dua Saleh TRACK: Signs YEAR: 2021 FROM: Kassala, Sudan/Minneapolis, USA


NAME: DijahSB TRACK: Overtime YEAR: 2021 FROM: Toronto, Canada


NAME: Kerosin95 TRACK: Futter YEAR: 2021 FROM: Austria © Hanna Fasching


NAME: 7xvethegenius TRACK: Break Soul YEAR: 2021 FROM: Buffalo, New York, USA © Tef Wesley

Double Em

NAME: Double Em TRACK: Drown YEAR: 2021 FROM: Melbourne, Australia


NAME: Harlley TRACK: Eu Nunca Tive Dono & Melhor Assim (Zebu Remix) ft. Boombeat YEAR: 2020 FROM: São Paulo, … Continue reading “Harlley”

Lalla Rami

NAME: Lalla Rami TRACK: 4H20 YEAR: 2020 FROM: Morocco/Paris, France © Patrick Siboni

Jamee Cornelia

NAME: Jamee Cornelia TRACK: Don’t Give Up YEAR: 2020 FROM: Decatur, Georgia, USA


NAME: Brasov TRACK: Neutral YEAR: 2020 FROM: Romania/Madrid, Spain


NAME: Kimmortal TRACK: Sad Femme Club YEAR: 2020 FROM: Philippines/Vancouver, Canada


NAME: Plaeikke TRACK: GIFT YEAR: 2020 FROM: Germany