Karnage Kills

NAME: Karnage Kills TRACK: The Set Up (Freestyle) YEAR: 2020 FROM: London, UK


NAME: Lapsuceur TRACK: Beuteu YEAR: 2020 FROM: France


NAME: Kimmortal TRACK: Sad Femme Club YEAR: 2020 FROM: Philippines/Vancouver, Canada


NAME: LBXX TRACK: Why Do I YEAR: 2020 FROM: San Francisco, USA


NAME: Tokeyo TRACK: GOOBA 6ix9ine FREESTYLE YEAR: 2020 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Andre Xcellence

NAME: Andre Xcellence TRACK: Wu Flu Pandemic YEAR: 2020 FROM: Los Angeles, USA


NAME: Rok TRACK: Viscéral YEAR: 2020 FROM: Metz/Toulouse, France

Anye Elite

NAME: Anye Elite TRACK: How I’m Doin’ YEAR: 2020 FROM: Philadelphia/Atlanta, USA

Mavi Phoenix

NAME: Mavi Phoenix TRACK: Fck It Up YEAR: 2020 FROM: Austria

Ash Calisto

NAME: Ash Calisto TRACK: Gentiment YEAR: 2020 FROM: Lausanne, Switzerland

Big Momma

NAME: Big Momma TRACK: The Plague YEAR: 2019 FROM: Florida, USA

Todrick Hall

NAME: Todrick Hall TRACK: I Like Boys YEAR: 2019 FROM: Texas, USA


NAME: Darkksun TRACK: L’orage YEAR: 2019 FROM: Haute-Garonne (31), France


NAME: G3sha TRACK: I’m OK YEAR: 2019 FROM: Singapore

Big Dipper

NAME: Big Dipper TRACK: Pressed YEAR: 2019 FROM: Chicago, USA


NAME: Deadlee TRACK: Straight From This Faggot’s Mouth YEAR: 2019 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Baby Boi Slim

NAME: Baby Boi Slim TRACK: La Alianza YEAR: 2018 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Cakes Da Killa

NAME: Cakes Da Killa TRACK: Gon Blow YEAR: 2017 FROM: New York, USA

Kevin Abstract

NAME: Kevin Abstract TRACK: Peach YEAR: 2019 FROM: Los Angeles, USA