NAME: Leo TRACK: Cobra YEAR: 2023 FROM: Metz, France


NAME: Al TRACK: Lourd (beat: @agressionsoror.e) YEAR: 2023 FROM: Toulouse, France

Bob the Drag Queen

NAME: Bob the Drag Queen TRACK: Gay Barz ft. Kamera Tyme, Allxmllr, Mr. Grande & Ocean Kelly YEAR: 2023 … Continue reading “Bob the Drag Queen”

Ocean Kelly

NAME: Ocean Kelly TRACK: Vitamin D YEAR: 2023 FROM: Atlanta, USA

Le Talu

NAME: Le Talu TRACK: INSORTLABLXS YEAR: 2022 FROM: France/Brussels, Belgium


NAME: Allxmllr TRACK: Bring It Back Once More (Lose My Breath Remix) YEAR: 2022 FROM: Chicago, USA

Omari Vel

NAME: Omari Vel TRACK: UltraViolet YEAR: 2022 FROM: Philadelphia, USA

Alias Jazz

NAME: Alias Jazz TRACK: Prelude YEAR: 2021 FROM: Montmagny (95), France/Montreal, Quebec

Dibby Sounds

NAME: Dibby Sounds TRACK: Pédé YEAR: 2021 FROM: Geneva, Switzerland

Taz Da Realist

NAME: Taz Da Realist TRACK: Rewind This YEAR: 2021 FROM: Houston, USA

Stevia Smoke

NAME: Stevia Smoke TRACK: Boom Boom Boom YEAR: 2021 FROM: Boston, USA

Loco Ninja

NAME: Loco Ninja TRACK: Make You Love Me YEAR: 2021 FROM: New York, USA


NAME: Tchelo TRACK: Resiliência YEAR: 2021 FROM: São Paulo, Brazil

Kay Shanghai

NAME: Kay Shanghai TRACK: Ananas YEAR: 2021 FROM: Essen, Germany

Le Lou

NAME: Le Lou TRACK: Jean-Cis Dude YEAR: 2021 FROM: Strasbourg (67), France


NAME: Aquinas TRACK: It Doesn’t Matter YEAR: 2021 FROM: South Korea

Mista Strange

NAME: Mista Strange TRACK: DSTNY YEAR: 2021 FROM: London, UK

James Indigo

NAME: James Indigo TRACK: Van Gogh YEAR: 2021 FROM: Jamaica/London, UK

Dua Saleh

NAME: Dua Saleh TRACK: Signs YEAR: 2021 FROM: Kassala, Sudan/Minneapolis, USA