NAME: Zagranis TRACK: Story Of A Queen YEAR: 2022 FROM: Epping, New Hampshire, USA

Kelly Rose

NAME: Kelly Rose (Uzi Freyja) TRACK: Da Bunda YEAR: 2021 FROM: Cameroon/Paris/Nantes, France

Yung Miami

NAME: Yung Miami (City Girls) TRACK: Rap Freaks YEAR: 2021 FROM: Miami, USA


NAME: Bivolt TRACK: Raspa Placa ft. Duda Beat YEAR: 2021 FROM: São Paulo, Brazil

Dibby Sounds

NAME: Dibby Sounds TRACK: Pédé YEAR: 2021 FROM: Geneva, Switzerland

Lil Wop

NAME: Lil Wop TRACK: Money Power Respect YEAR: 2021 FROM: Chicago, USA


NAME: Aquinas TRACK: It Doesn’t Matter YEAR: 2021 FROM: South Korea

Joseline Hernandez

NAME: Joseline Hernandez TRACK: Slay YEAR: 2021 FROM: Puerto Rico


NAME: ppcocaine TRACK: S.L.U.T. YEAR: 2020 FROM: Los Angeles, USA


NAME: Badmómzjay TRACK: Naughty Or Nice YEAR: 2020 FROM: Berlin, Germany

Turtle White

NAME: Turtle White TRACK: Ascension 2 YEAR: 2020 FROM: Deuil-la-Barre (95)/Montreuil (93)/Meaux (77), France


NAME: Tokischa TRACK: Varón YEAR: 2020 FROM: Dominican Republic/USA


NAME: Devmo TRACK: Change My Mind YEAR: 2019 FROM: Los Angeles, USA


NAME: Chika TRACK: No Squares YEAR: 2019 FROM: Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Domo Wilson

NAME: Domo Wilson TRACK: Bisexual Anthem YEAR: 2019 FROM: Chicago/Valparaiso, USA

Snow Tha Product

NAME: Snow Tha Product TRACK: Bet That I Will YEAR: 2015 FROM: San Jose, USA  

Paigey Cakey

NAME: Paigey Cakey TRACK: Bassline YEAR: 2015 FROM: London, UK

Delli Boe

NAME: Delli Boe TRACK: Bisexual Problems YEAR: 2018 FROM: Belize/Sacramento, USA

Taylor Bennett

NAME: Taylor Bennett TRACK: Rock ‘N’ Roll YEAR: 2018 FROM: Chicago, USA