NAME: wiggyjay TRACK: Female Cypher de Fête 3 ft. LOLO TWINGO, Syada, yasoup.ire, Geen Poespas, Bunker Fragile & Lil’Bienvenüe … Continue reading “wiggyjay”

Missira Celtyberi

NAME: Missira Celtyberi TRACK: Fashion collection by Mama Tubao YEAR: 2021 FROM: Huesca, Spain/Brussels, Belgium © Mama Tubao

Le Talu

NAME: Le Talu TRACK: Gender Panic YEAR: 2021 FROM: Brussels, Belgium

Shady 6XX

NAME: Shady 6XX TRACK: Tour de chauffe YEAR: 2021 FROM: Brussels, Belgium


NAME: Mel TRACK: Freestyle Choc des nations YEAR: 2021 FROM: Liège, Belgium © Olivia Bourgeois


NAME: 7-XY TRACK: My Name YEAR: 2021 FROM: Brussels, Belgium


NAME: Crystal TRACK: Trone YEAR: 2020 FROM: Belgium

Melissa Farah

NAME: Melissa Farah TRACK: Autopsie YEAR: 2020 FROM: Brussels, Belgium

(lazza) gio

NAME: lazza (gio) TRACK: Une horreur YEAR: 2020 FROM: Brussels, Belgium © musisi

Zes Switch

NAME: Zes Switch TRACK: Et cris YEAR: 2020 FROM: Belgium, Liège

2Grés Nord

NAME: 2Grés Nord TRACK: Primaire YEAR: 2020 FROM: Liège, Belgium

Kari Bee

NAME: Kari Bee TRACK: Dafalgang YEAR: 2020 FROM: Brussels, Belgium

Lous and the Yakuza

NAME: Lous and the Yakuza TRACK: Solo YEAR: 2020 FROM: Congo/Belgium

Boa Joo

NAME: Boa Joo TRACK: Leurs mamans YEAR: 2020 FROM: Belgium, Brussels

Marie Ayivor

NAME: Marie Ayivor TRACK: Clones YEAR: 2019 FROM: Ghana/Brussels, Belgium

Kab & Lipass

NAME: Kab & Lipass TRACK: SEUL YEAR: 2019 FROM: Liege, Belgium


NAME: Mewy TRACK: Pas d’idéal YEAR: 2019 FROM: Brussels, Belgium

Gloria Boateng

NAME: Gloria Boateng TRACK: Kumasi YEAR: 201! FROM: Ghent, Belgium


NAME: Nephtys TRACK: Sista’s Be Ballin YEAR: 2018 FROM: Belgium