Stephh V

NAME: Stephh V TRACK: In & Out YEAR: 2020 FROM: Sydney, Australia

Outside Lines

NAME: Outside Lines TRACK: This Circus YEAR: 2020 FROM: Adelaide, Australia


NAME: Okenyo TRACK: Anthropology YEAR: 2020 FROM: Sydney, Australia

Audie B

NAME: Audie B TRACK: Jealous YEAR: 2020 FROM: Australia/France ©

Kady Starling

NAME: Kady Starling TRACK: Shell YEAR: 2019 FROM: Perth, Australia

Madame Wu

NAME: Madame Wu TRACK: Dharawal Tongue YEAR: 2011 FROM: Australia


NAME: Macromantics TRACK: Locksmith YEAR: 2011 FROM: Australia

Iggy Azalea

NAME: Iggy Azalea TRACK: D.R.U.G.S YEAR: 2011 FROM: Australia


NAME: Sky’High TRACK: Look At Me Now YEAR: 2011 FROM: Australia

Muma Doesa

NAME: Muma Doesa TRACK: Walk Alone YEAR: 2014 FROM: Australia

MC Layla

NAME: MC Layla TRACK: Strike Three YEAR: 2003 FROM: Australia

Class A

NAME: Class A TRACK: So Bad YEAR: 2010 FROM: Australia

Sammy G

NAME: Sammy G TRACK: Do You Like It YEAR: 2013 FROM: Australia


NOM : Hyclass TITRE : I Need U ANNÉE : 2015 PAYS : Australie

Tkay Maidza

NAME: Tkay Maidza TRACK: U-Huh YEAR: 2015 FROM: Australia/Zimbabwe

Maya Jupiter

NAME: Maya Jupiter TRACK: That Ain’t Me YEAR: 2014 FROM: Turkey/Mexico/Australia

Sampa The Great

NAME: Sampa the Great TRACK: HERoes (The Response) YEAR: 2016 FROM: Zambia / Botswana / Australia / California, USA


NAME: Zheani TRACK: Lie and Look YEAR: 2019 FROM: Queensland, Australia


NAME: Kiddo TRACK: Liquor YEAR: 2019 FROM: Melbourne, Australia