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Carte Blanche to Madame Rap at 2 Pièces Cuisine

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As part of its itinerant residence in Seine-Saint-Denis, Madame Rap organizes an event dedicated to women/LBT+ rappers on November 9, 2019 at 7PM at 2 Pièces Cuisine in Blanc-Mesnil !
7PM : Panel discussion « Is rap dangerous for our youth? » 

Sexism, violence, apology of drugs and cult of money… Rap music, criticized for forty years for its so-called bad influence on our youth, is supposedly responsible for many problems.

Whereas hip hop has been the best-selling music in France for several years, we will explore the reasons of these persistant stigmas by discussing rap lyrics and videos as well as the images conveyed by rappers. We will also look into the recurrent stereotypes women rappers have to face and the impact of the dominant culture on rap and its young audience. As a matter of fact, could advertising, TV series, video games and porn be more harmful for young people than rap? And more generally, can art be called dangerous?

With :

  • Bettina Ghio, doctor in French literature and civilization, high school teacher, lecturer at Paris 3 University and author of Sans faute de frappe : rap et littérature (Les mots et le reste, 2016) ;
  • Tracy De Sà, rapper;
  • Ouafa Mameche, music journalist (Abcdrduson et OKLM).
  • Hosted by Éloïse Bouton (Madame Rap).
8:30PM : Tracy De Sà live

9:30PM : Sianna live

 Book your tickets here and find the event on Facebook !

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