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30 essential songs by female rappers in 2019

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Here you are, the night falls at 4:30pm, you just feel like spring rolling under your quilt, you’re already in the red and binge-watched everything on Netflix (except for the cheesy flicks that you’re saving for later)? The holiday season is here!

To celebrate a year full of new talents and projects, here is Madame Rap’s selection of 30 essential tracks by international female rappers that were released in 2019. To serve you, trap, cloud, afro trap, pop-rap, conscious rap, boom bap, emo, crunk, grime, drill, old school and more. Put on your headphones or earbuds and listen to these 30 tracks of 34 artists of all sexual orientations and gender identities from 15 different countries!

Agsy – Sherni (India)

Brandie Blaze – Model (USA)

Cali Hendrix, Mika Luciano & Lil Keisha – Racks (USA)

Chanmina – I’m A Pop (Japan)

Chynna – iddd (USA)

Devmo – Change My Mind (USA)

Dope Saint Jude – Inside (South Africa)

Ekloz – Dimension (France)

Fanny Polly – One Shot (France)

Haviah Mighty – Blame (Canada)

Illustre – Les mains bleues (France)

Jey Lowcy – Dans le truc (France)

Lansky Namek – Arkham (France)

Lava LaRue – TLSL (Stitches) (UK)

Le Juiice – Trap Mama (France)

Leys – Makelele (France)

Medusa – Heads Down (Tunisia)

Mina La Voilée – Girl Power (Senegal)

Neelam – Fight Or Die feat. DeStorm Power (USA)

Pearly & MBK Doe – Street Conscience (France)

Rocket – Call My Name (China)

Ruby Red – Bienvenue dans l’party (Remix) / Meurtre lyrical (Quebec)

Ryaam – Kamala Khan (France)

Sara Hebe & Sasha Sathya – A.C.A.B. (Argentina)

Skyna – Bye Bye (France)

Starrlight – Neila (Netherlands)

Tracy De Sà & KT Gorique – Wall’s Profound (France/Switzerland)

Tribade – Afilando las Tijeras (Spain)

Wangechi – Sana Sana (Kenya)

Yugen Blakrok – Picture Box (South Africa)

And because we are nice (even though we are feminists), we made a playlist for you here.

Merry early Christmas!

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