NAME: Hunni TRACK: Trendin’ YEAR: 2019 FROM: New Britain, Connecticut, USA

Ekloz © Thomas Hgn


NAME: Ekloz TRACK: Dimension YEAR: 2019 FROM: Montpellier, France © Thomas Hgn  

Silent A

NAME: Silent A TRACK: Ayy YEAR: 2019 FROM: Boston / Dorchester, USA

Ahsh Eff

NAME: Ahsh Eff TRACK: Ride 4 Me YEAR: 2019 FROM: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Connie Diiamond

NAME: Connie Diiamond TRACK: Floating YEAR: 2019 FROM: New York, USA

Kierra Luv

NAME: Kierra Luv TRACK: Automatic YEAR: 2019 FROM: Pennsylvania, USA

Tatiana Trill

NAME: Tatiana Trill TRACK: No Pressure YEAR: 2019 FROM: Atlanta, USA

Tay Money

NAME: Tay Money TRACK: Fresh Princess YEAR: 2019 FROM: USA, Dallas

Young Devyn

NAME: Young Devyn TRACK: Welcome To The Party (Remix) YEAR: 2019 FROM: Trinidad and Tobago / New York, USA

Choo Scott

NAME: Choo Scott TRACK: Nipsey Hussle Freestyle YEAR: 2019 FROM: Indianapolis / New York, USA

Justina Valentine

NAME: Justina Valentine TRACK: Damn YEAR: 2019 FROM: Passaic, New Jersey, USA

Todrick Hall

NAME: Todrick Hall TRACK: I Like Boys YEAR: 2019 FROM: Texas, USA


NAME: Phyr TRACK: Hello Again YEAR: 2019 FROM: New York, USA

Contessa Stuto

NAME: Contessa Stuto TRACK: Reign In Ratchet YEAR: 2013 FROM: New York, USA

Megan Thee Stallion

NAME: Megan Thee Stallion TRACK: Realer YEAR: 2019 FROM: Houston, USA


NAME: Wynne TRACK: Buzzer YEAR: 2018 FROM: Portland, USA

The Hood Brat

NAME: The Hood Brat TRACK: D.R.U.G.Z. YEAR: 2019 FROM: Miami, USA

Qveen Herby

NAME: Qveen Herby TRACK: BDE YEAR: 2019 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Ivy Sole

NAME: Ivy Sole TRACK: Backwoods YEAR: 2018 FROM: Philadelphia, USA