NAME: Chika TRACK: No Squares YEAR: 2019 FROM: Brooklyn, USA

TT The Artist

NAME: TT The Artist TRACK: Dig YEAR: 2017 FROM: Baltimore, USA

Taz Da Realist

NAME: Taz Da Realist TRACK: Dear Earnest YEAR: 2017 FROM: Houston, USA

Tay Rico

NAME: Tay Rico TRACK: My Name (PRT1) YEAR: 2012 FROM: Chicago/Phoenix, USA

Slim Jenkinz

NAME: Slim Jenkinz TRACK: Fake Love (Remix) YEAR: 2016 FROM: Washington D.C., USA


NAME: NY$$E TRACK: Pennies YEAR: 2018 FROM: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Mookie Lock!

NAME: Mookie Lock! TRACK: Dawg Azz Challenge YEAR: 2018 FROM: Texas, USA

Micah Tron

NAME: Micah Tron TRACK: Bumper YEAR: 2013 FROM: San Francisco, USA

Lauren Sanderson

NAME: Lauren Sanderson TRACK: Shut Em Up YEAR: 2018 FROM: Fort Wayne, USA


NAME: Kelow TRACK: Prada Me YEAR: 2019 FROM: Maryland, USA


NAME: KEL TRACK: Vibes YEAR: 2018 FROM: Houston, USA

Keke The Weirdo

NAME: Keke The Weirdo TRACK: No Sleep (Remix) YEAR: 2013 FROM: USA

Jimmii Montana

NAME: Jimmii Montana TRACK: X Zartha YEAR: 2019 FROM: Cleveland, USA


NAME: Guch TRACK: Flood Waters YEAR: 2018 FROM: New Orleans/Houston, USA


NAME: Feloni TRACK: Clit Licka YEAR: 2007 FROM: Detroit, USA

Felicia Pearson

NAME: Felicia Pearson TRACK: Henn N Juice YEAR: 2011 FROM: Baltimore, USA

Domo Wilson

NAME: Domo Wilson TRACK: Feelings YEAR: 2019 FROM: Chicago/Valparaiso, USA

Babie Jackson

NAME: Babie Jackson TRACK: Switched Up YEAR: 2019 FROM: New York, USA

Neelam Hakeem

NAME: Neelam Hakeem TRACK: I’ll Be the King YEAR: 2018 FROM: Los Angeles, USA