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YouTube Playlist #7 🏳️‍🌈PRIDE EDITION

For Pride Month, Madame Rap made a playlist of 50 LGBT+ rappers. It is the occasion to remind that rap is not the most LGBTphobic music but, and most of all, also an inclusive and intersectional space. Where else can we see lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and non-binary artists of all nationalities, skin colors, … Continue reading “YouTube Playlist #7 🏳️‍🌈PRIDE EDITION”

YouTube Playlist #6

Watch our playlist of the month on YouTube with a selection of international female rappers from the US to Senegal, Iran, Mexico and France! Domo Wilson – Bisexual Anthem (Valparaiso, USA) Brianna Perry – Love, Drugs, Etc (Florida, USA) Devmo – Change My Mind (California, USA) Gifted Gab – PSA (Seattle, USA) Neelam – The … Continue reading “YouTube Playlist #6”

YouTube Playlist #5

Check out our April playlist on YouTube with a special selection of French speaking female rappers who released a track/video this month! KT Gorique – Blasted (Suisse) Raja Meziane – Allo le système (Algérie / République Tchèque) Janus – J’veux classé (France, Paris) YC – Sale (France, Chaumont) Ryaam – Kamala Khan (France, Paris) Mac … Continue reading “YouTube Playlist #5”

40 female rappers who identify as lesbians

In the collective unconscious, rap and lesbians don’t get on well. Because rap is still perceived as LGBTphobic and sexist, being a woman and a lesbian in hip hop seems unconceivable. And yet, when you look for lesbian artists in hip hop, you can find more than in pop, rock or electro! Since the beginning … Continue reading “40 female rappers who identify as lesbians”

YouTube Playlist #4

Watch our monthly playlist on YouTube! For March 8 and National Women’s History Month, female rappers from Reunion, Botswana, Italy, France, Kenya and the US drop feminist anthems and empowering tracks! Le Juiice – No Cap (Boissy-Saint-Léger, France) Lady Lova ft. Kanis – Eyes On Me (France and Jamaica/ Haiti) Tracy De Sà ft. KT … Continue reading “YouTube Playlist #4”

100 female rappers from 100 different countries

For three years, Madame Rap has been working to make women and LGBTQIA visible on the international hip hop scene. Today, more than 1,400 female rappers are listed on our website! Here is a little glimpse with this selection of 100 female rappers from 100 different countries. The evidence being, rap is everywhere and is … Continue reading “100 female rappers from 100 different countries”

Best Of 2018

2019 is just around the corner, the time has come to look back on a very intense year for Madame Rap! What Madame Rap did in 2018: – interviews of international female rappers ; – events : concerts, cyphers, panel discussions, conferences and debates ; – interviews and articles in the media. As the first … Continue reading “Best Of 2018”

YouTube Playlist #3

Watch our playlist of the month on YouTube! Featuring 20 tracks of female rappers from all around the world including France, the US, Iran, Senegal, Spain and India! Bhad Bhabie – Bestie (Los Angeles, USA) Dutchess – Lingo (Canada) Miss Mulatto – South Beach Freestyle (Atlanta, USA) Mina la Voilée – Girl Power (Senegal) Yugen … Continue reading “YouTube Playlist #3”

30 sexist popular songs that are not rap (Part 2)

In 2019, some people still think rap is the most misogynistic and hostile music for women. However, pop, rock or French chanson have been full of sexist lyrics that have gone unnoticed for decades. It seems more urgent to blame sexism on hip hop than to acknowledge that our whole society is sexist and rap … Continue reading “30 sexist popular songs that are not rap (Part 2)”

YouTube Playlist#2

Watch our monthly playlist on YouTube! Saweetie – Pissed (Los Angeles, USA) Lil’ Debbie – No Wings (California, USA) Lady B – Come lo fai (Italy) Snow Tha Product – Faith (California, USA) Eli – Enchantée (Nantes, France) Manal – Saly (Morocco) Wynne – (Portland, USA) Lala&ce – Danser dans le noir (Lyon, France) Veemie … Continue reading “YouTube Playlist#2”

YouTube Playlist #1

Watch our playlist of the month on YouTube! This month, we’re taking you on a world trip to (re)discover international femcees from France to Ghana, South Korea, Morocco and the US! Yugen Blakrok – Carbon Form (South Africa) Marie Gold – A l’avenir (Quebec, Canada) Billie Brelok – Dia de los muertos (Nanterre, France) KT … Continue reading “YouTube Playlist #1”

30 songs by male rappers that pay tribute to women

“Hip hop is the most sexist music“, say the mainstream media. But what they forget to say is that there are also male rappers who speak highly of women, pay tribute to them or even have pro-feminist lyrics, far from the macho and women-objects stereotypes. To remind you that rap is plural and can be … Continue reading “30 songs by male rappers that pay tribute to women”

30 sexist punchlines that are not rap but literature!

Summer is here! It’s time to relax, get a tan and take the metro with no air con! It’s also time to read peacefully and immerse yourself in classics again on an idyllic beach with crystal-clear water under a giant shady palm-tree (or under a Quechua tent at the Chiry-Ourscamp camping). But something’s bothering you. … Continue reading “30 sexist punchlines that are not rap but literature!”