Ivorian Doll

NAME: Ivorian Doll TRACK: Rumours YEAR: 2020 FROM: East London, UK

Bree Runway

NAME: Bree Runway TRACK: APESHIT YEAR: 2020 FROM: London, UK


NAME: TrueMendous TRACK: That Don’t Mean YEAR: 2020 FROM: Birmingham, UK

Angel Nieves

NAME: Angel Nieves TRACK: Wake Up feat. El Karma YEAR: 2020 FROM: New Jersey, USA/London, UK


NAME: Tantrum TRACK: Eat Alone Freestyle YEAR: 2020 FROM: London, UK

Miss LaFamilia

NAME: Miss LaFamilia TRACK: Big Smoke YEAR: 2020 FROM: Birmingham, UK


NAME: DeyluvL TRACK: Ohh Na Na YEAR: 2020 FROM: Hackney/East London, UK


NAME: NyNy TRACK: 100 Shot Remix feat. Frankie StayWoke, Lady Shocker, DeyluvL, Raggz & D.Tail YEAR: 2019 FROM: East … Continue reading “NyNy”

Lex Amor

NAME: Lex Amor TRACK: The Room (Freestyle) YEAR: 2019 FROM: London, UK © aiden


NAME: Ashnikko TRACK: Working Bitch YEAR: 2019 FROM: North Carolina, USA/London, UK

Trillary Banks

NAME: Trillary Banks TRACK: Killi YEAR: 2019 FROM: UK, Leicester

Lady Sanity

NAME: Lady Sanity TRACK: Noise YEAR: 2019 FROM: Birmingham, UK © Ted Rumley

Lava La Rue

NAME: Lava La Rue TRACK: TLSL (Stiches) YEAR: 2019 FROM: UK, Londres


NAME: Gabi’el TRACK: DGAF YEAR: 2019 FROM: London, UK

Kae Tempest

NAME: Kae Tempest TRACK: Europe Is Lost YEAR: 2017 FROM: London, UK


NAME: Layfullstop TRACK: Cherries YEAR: 2019 FROM: Manchester, UK

Miss R Lee

NAME: Miss R Lee TRACK: iRate YEAR: 2019 FROM: East London, UK

Toya Delazy

NAME: Toya Delazy TRACK: gQoma YEAR: 2019 FROM: South Africa/UK

Honey G

NAME: Honey G TRACK: Hit You With The Honey G YEAR: 2017 FROM: UK