Anye Elite

NAME: Anye Elite TRACK: How I’m Doin’ YEAR: 2020 FROM: Philadelphia/Atlanta, USA

Big Momma

NAME: Big Momma TRACK: The Plague YEAR: 2019 FROM: Florida, USA

Todrick Hall

NAME: Todrick Hall TRACK: I Like Boys YEAR: 2019 FROM: Texas/Los Angeles, USA

The G3sha

NAME: The G3sha TRACK: I’m OK YEAR: 2019 FROM: Singapore

Big Dipper

NAME: Big Dipper TRACK: Pressed YEAR: 2019 FROM: Chicago, USA


NAME: Deadlee TRACK: Straight From This Faggot’s Mouth YEAR: 2019 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Baby Boi Slim

NAME: Baby Boi Slim TRACK: La Alianza YEAR: 2018 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Cakes Da Killa

NAME: Cakes Da Killa TRACK: Gon Blow YEAR: 2017 FROM: New York, USA

Kevin Abstract

NAME: Kevin Abstract TRACK: Peach YEAR: 2019 FROM: Los Angeles, USA


NAME: Cazwell TRACK: I Love You YEAR: 2019 FROM: Worcester, USA


NAME: iLoveMakonnen TRACK: Spendin YEAR: 2019 FROM: Los Angeles, USA

Ariel Kelly

NAME: Ariel Kelly TRACK: La Confusión “Mensaje de amor LGTB” YEAR: 2018 FROM: Dominican Republic


NAME: Le1f TRACK: Umami/Water YEAR: 2017 FROM: New York, USA

Big Freedia

NAME: Big Freedia TRACK: Rent YEAR: 2018 FROM: New Orleans, USA

Elijah Daniel

NAME: Elijah Daniel TRACK: IHATEMETOO YEAR: 2019 FROM: Detroit, USA

Chris Conde

NAME: Chris Conde TRACK: Dividing Lines YEAR: 2019 FROM: San Antonio, USA

Yvie Oddly

NAME: Yvie Oddly TRACK: Dolla Store YEAR: 2019 FROM: Denver, Colorado, USA


NAME: Keabruh&Jay.B TRACK: The Preface (Freestyle) YEAR: 2019 FROM: Johannesburg, South Africa

Lil Nas X

NAME: Lil Nas X TRACK: Old Town Road feat. Billy Ray Cyrus YEAR: 2019 FROM: Georgia, USA