NAME: Tyleen TRACK: Shut It Down YEAR: 2020 FROM: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Missy D

NAME: Missy D TRACK: Yes Mama YEAR: 2020 FROM: Vancouver, Canada

Han Han

NAME: Han Han TRACK: Babae Ka YEAR: 2019 FROM: Philippines/Canada


NAME: Heartstreets TRACK: Say It To My Face YEAR: 2019 FROM: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


NAME: Ruby TRACK: Imposteur YEAR: 2019 FROM: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Naya Ali

NAME: Naya Ali TRACK: Ra Ra YEAR: 2017 FROM: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Meryem Saci

NAME: Meryem Saci TRACK: Hamazan YEAR: 2019 FROM: Algeria / Quebec, Canada

MC Jazz

NAME: MC Jazz TRACK: Matrabina YEAR: 2019 FROM: Egypt / Toronto, Canada

Ruby Red

NAME: Ruby Red TRACK: Imposteur YEAR: 2019 FROM: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sensei H

NAME: Sensei H TRACK: La magouille YEAR: 2019 FROM: Algeria/France/Montreal, Canada


NAME: Kella TRACK: Je t’aime comme ça YEAR: 2012 FROM: Ivory Coast/Montreal, Quebec, Canada


NAME: Eternia TRACK: Goodbye YEAR: 2011 FROM: Canada

Honey Cocaine

NAME: Honey Cocaine TRACK: Jumpman YEAR: 2015 FROM: Canada

Reema Major

NAME: Reema Major TRACK: Double Time YEAR: 2011 FROM: Canada/Sudan

JB The First Lady

NAME: JB The First Lady TRACK: Get Ready Get Steady YEAR: 2011 FROM: Canada

Haviah Mighty

NAME: Haviah Mighty TRACK: On The Low YEAR: 2017 FROM: Canada


NAME: Superwoman TRACK: #Leh YEAR: 2014 FROM: Canada

Golde London

NAME: Golde London TRACK: Hip Hop YEAR: 2014 FROM: Canada

pHoenix Pagliacci

NAME: pHoenix Pagliacci TRACK: Learning YEAR: 2011 FROM: Canada