Lexii Meshan

NAME: Lexxi Meshan TRACK: DGAF YEAR: 2020 FROM: New York/Atlanta, USA © ejvisions

MC Naïa

NAME: MC Naïa TRACK: Ils veulent YEAR: 2020 FROM: Bordeaux, France

Mani Marino

NAME: Mani Marino TRACK: Lime Light (Live Session) YEAR: 2020 FROM: Baltimore, USA


NAME: Zinée TRACK: Personne YEAR: 2020 FROM: Paris, France


NAME: Ocean-Jade TRACK: Becki YEAR: 2020 FROM: London,UK/Zimbabwe


NAME: Laflacana TRACK: La Nueva Era YEAR: 2020 FROM: Stockholm, Sweden/Argentina


View this post on Instagram La Mama du Voyou – MEYGHANE (Freestyle n°2) Prod by @nis808_ #drill #rap #trap #beat A post shared by MEYGHANE (@meyoketchup) on Jun 30, 2020 at 1:38pm PDT NOM : Meyghane TITRE : La Mama du voyou (Freestyle) ANNÉE : 2020 PAYS : France, Montreuil (93)

Nene Ali

NAME: Nene Ali TRACK: Black YEAR: 2020 FROM: New York, USA

$ugar Babies

NOM : $ugar Babies TITRE : Gone to the Moon ANNÉE : 2020 PAYS : États-Unis, Los Angeles

Yisi Calibre

NAME: Yisi Calibre (Golpe Seko) TRACK: Miel ft. Bocafloja YEAR: 2020 FROM: Havana, Cuba


NAME: Nadeche TRACK: Lichtwerker YEAR: 2020 FROM: Rotterdam, Netherlands © Benny van der Plank


NAME: YP TRACK: Freestyle YEAR: 2020 FROM: Nottingham, UK

Lana Amazen

NAME: Lana Amazen TRACK: Close the Vent YEAR: 2020 FROM: New Orleans, USA


NAME: Asuncion TRACK: 001 YEAR: 2020 FROM: Chambéry (73), France/Montreal, Quebec, Canada


  NAME: RightCheekLG TRACK: Young Dog ft. BBE AJ YEAR: 2020 FROM: Dallas, USA

Shine Brida

NAME: Shine Brida TRACK: Shrunken Lung YEAR: 2020 FROM: London, UK

Melissa Farah

NAME: Melissa Farah TRACK: Autopsie YEAR: 2020 FROM: Brussels, Belgium


NAME: Berdzail TRACK: Freestyle Règlement YEAR: 2020 FROM: Orléans (45), France


NAME: R’May TRACK: Chat noir YEAR: 2020 FROM: Rouen, France © Dadou