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Playlist – June 2021

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Check out our June  playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music with 20 tracks by international female rappers!

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  • Eesah Yasuke (Lille, France)
  • Almä Mango (Paris, France)
  • Soumeya (Marseille, France)
  • Meryl (Martinique, France)
  • Ana Ford (Morocco/Switzerland)
  • Sarahmée (Senegal/Quebec, Canada)
  • Khtek (Morocco)
  • La Blondie (Spain)
  • Lia Sahin (Germany)
  • WRR (Poland)
  • Hofmannita (Russia)
  • Silvana Imam (Sweden)
  • Toya Delazy (South Africa/UK)
  • Dee MC (India)
  • N1yah (United Arab Emirates)
  • Frankie Staywoke & Lady Shocker (UK)
  • Tantrum (UK)
  • Haviah Mighty (Canada)
  • Tommy Genesis (Canada)
  • Whitney Peyton (Philadelphia, USA)

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