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VIDEO – 23 trans rappers

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Rap is often depicted as more transphobic than the rest of society and other music genres. But is it really? Madame Rap presents a video selection of 23 trans rappers, to remind that hip hop can be a space of freedom and expression for these artists! 

For a few years, trans rappers have gradually become more visible in hip hop. As a matter of fact, even though we often forget it (or never say it), rap is historically linked to ball culture, this American alternative gay and trans subculture, highlighted in the now classic documentary Paris Is Burning by Jennie Livingston.

On November 20, the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, the whole world paid tribute to victims of transphobia. If discriminations and hate crimes still wreak havoc in our societies, here is a selection of trans rappers to remind that hip hop can be a space of freedom and expression for these artists.

Katey Red (New Orleans, USA)

Darkksun (Haute-Garonne, France)

Lia Sahin (Germany)

Quay Dash (New York, USA)

Linn da Quebrada (Brazil)

faulenzA (Germany)

Heather Hills (New Jersey, USA), Lady Londyn (Los Angeles, USA), Jupiter Gray (Ohio, USA), Jæ  (New York, USA) & Blxck Cxsper (Quebec, Canada)

YosoJi (Quebec, Canada/France/Algeria)

© Matthew Ingraham

Ms Boogie & Trannilish (New York, USA)

Katastrophe (San Francisco, USA)

Backxwash (Zambia/Quebec, Canada)

Miss Pvssy (Chicago, USA)

Taz da Realist (Houston, USA)

Sir Mantis (Germany)

KC Ortiz (Chicago, USA)

3 of a Kind (Threee of a Kinddd) (Los Angeles, USA)

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