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Playlist – October 2020

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Check out our October playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music with 20 international female rappers!


  • Lala &ce (Lyon, France)
  • Le Juiice & Meryl (Boissy-Saint-Léger/Martinique, France)
  • Kaipy (Paris, France)
  • Tyriss & KT Gorique (Switzerland)
  • Gloria Boateng (Belgium)
  • Trillary Banks (UK)
  • Lena Stoehrfaktor (Germany)
  • Cintia (Portugal)
  • La Clika Pika (Spain)
  • Asma (Chile/Spain)
  • Chocolate Remix (Argentina)
  • Yayoi Daimon (Japan)
  • Ramengvrl (Indonesia)
  • Kayda (Malaysia)
  • Sarahmée (Quebec, Canada)
  • Dahlia Coronado (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Snow Tha Product (California, USA)
  • Yel (Los Angeles, USA)
  • K Shiday (San Antonio/Atlanta, USA)
  • Laady J (New Jersey, USA)

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