🏳️‍🌈 Queer / LGBT+ 🏳️‍🌈

$ugar Babies

NOM : $ugar Babies TITRE : Gone to the Moon ANNÉE : 2020 PAYS : États-Unis, Los Angeles


NAME: LBXX TRACK: Why Do I YEAR: 2020 FROM: San Francisco, USA

Stevia Smoke

NAME: Stevia Smoke TRACK: Still The Same YEAR: 2020 FROM: Boston, USA

Shayla Renee

NAME: Shayla Renee TRACK: Twerk It Like I Talk YEAR: 2020 FROM: Seattle, USA    


NAME: Lyrica TRACK: Seasons Change YEAR: 2020 FROM: Long Island, New York, USA

Puffs Short

NAME: Puffs Short TRACK: No More YEAR: 2020 FROM: Chicago, USA


NAME: B.Elise TRACK: LeBron YEAR: 2020 FROM: Queens, New York, USA


NAME: Tokeyo TRACK: GOOBA 6ix9ine FREESTYLE YEAR: 2020 FROM: Los Angeles, USA


NAME: Charnelle TRACK: You Love It YEAR: 2020 FROM: Florida/Virginia, USA


NAME: Meltjoo TRACK: Shine YEAR: 2020 FROM: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yela Quim

NAME: Yela Quim TRACK: Live YEAR: 2020 FROM: Bogota, Colombia


NAME: Freddie TRACK: Fitness YEAR: 2020 FROM: Oakland, USA


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NAME: ROU TRACK: Denia Ghadara YEAR: 2020 FROM: Tunisia

Tiffany Blade

NAME: Tiffany Blade TRACK: S.I.C.Q YEAR: 2020 FROM: Detroit, USA

Oceana Justice

NAME: Oceana Justice TRACK: 305 YEAR: 2020 FROM: San Diego/Los Angeles, USA


NAME: Hawa TRACK: The One YEAR: 2020 FROM: New York, USA

JD Fierce

NAME: JD Fierce TRACK: I.R.L.Y (Come Over) YEAR: 2020 FROM: Louisiana, USA

Angel Nieves

NAME: Angel Nieves TRACK: Wake Up feat. El Karma YEAR: 2020 FROM: New Jersey, USA/London, UK