Madame Rap is the first French media dedicated to women and LGBT+ in hip hop.
Its mission is to celebrate female and queer rap and hip hop culture!

Founded in January 2016, Madame Rap is an NGO that aims to highlight women in hip hop, show that rap is not the most sexist music and fight against sexism and LGBT+-phobia in hip hop through interviews of international artists, concerts, writing and awareness workshops for young people, and conferences.

By trying to open hip hop to a wider audience and fight stereotypes, we have two main goals: densify the social ties and create new ones and make the voice of women and LGBT+ people heard in this artistic and cultural movement. Between popular education and struggle for equality, Madame Rap offers and artistic and humanist approach beyond stereotypes and borders.

Founder of Madame Rap,  Éloïse Bouton is a freelance journalist, a writer and a feminist/LGBT+ activist.